Saturday, July 19, 2014

Battlegear You Say???

In the world today, modern military gears proliferate simply because war never stops in almost any corner of our world. Tactical military designs of military drones and battle gears kept on improving and transpiring right before our eyes. Superpowers seemed to exchanged marketing and exhibit performance of these military pieces on war torn areas. A recent show on the might of some of these military paraphernalia happened on an unfortunate event where a civilian commercial airplane was targeted and hit by a surface to air missile of a rebel group in East Ukraine.  
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All its 289 civilian passengers were wiped out instantly into thin air. Although air space routes to these war torn places are being avoided, accident still happens and the poor victims sadly are wasted and treated as collateral damages or just simply a show off of might of the military armory of each opposing sides. And as virtual technology upgrades, the internet has become a vast field to market these military equipment and supplies. Gears such as drones and battleships are selling like hotcakes on war torn areas and places. Transactions and shipments are of course hidden and sealed as top secret details.  Other countries hosts exhibits and shows that showcases information and details of these military merchandise. One recent exposition was the Asian Defense and Se
curity Exhibition (ADAS) that happened in the Philippines initiated last July 17, 2014. The exhibit showcased various military equipment and armaments that could counter terrorists, rebels and other military insurgents. A highlight of the exhibit included the Battledrone T.Re.X4, a tactical multi-rotor unmanned aerial system used in military operations.
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In April of 2013, London exhibited counter terror gadgets. Armoured 4x4 vehicles, bulletproof glass, grenades, robotics and life-sized paper targets of suicide bombers and terrorists were put on display.

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Last September25-28 2013, Russia sponsored an exhibit tagged as the IX Russia Arms Expo 2013. The exhibit showcased Russia’s military equipment, ammunition and other military gadgets.

And as billions of people worldwide wait, pray and hope for WORLD PEACE some are busy selling and exhibiting their military wares. All peace loving and law abiding citizens of the world can only wait, pray and hope where in the world will PEACE be sold too. Billions await and hope that WORLD PEACE can still be attained and will still be FREE. But since PEACE seems to be so elusive, are we to set our minds that we all need to be prepared and gear up for the next battle just to be able to really fight for PEACE. Is the world gearing up for world battles that even plain civilian citizens need these battlegears as immediate protection? Do we need to replace our wallpapers with images of suicide bombers and terrorists and start target shooting practice even in our dreams? Will the next car model be an APC look-a-alike or a missile blaster? Or maybe we need to stack up our closets with battle drone outfits so that we could blast off from our windows and blow everything suspicious as targets?

Friday, July 4, 2014

God Does Not Make Mistakes

This video was taken from Kim Symythe’s YouTube Channel.  Kim also does not know the original author of the video and just find appreciation for sharing it publicly. The video featured a little boy diagnosed with down syndrome due to his physical features.  Some have  even reacted about why one allow a big dog beside the boy to play around. The risk was obviously there. But there must be a meaning behind why this video happened. Anybody who would watch the video will sense some deep moving emotion about what it means and why it happened. And even though the boy cannot comprehend much about the dog’s ways of endearment. As much as the dog cannot also understand the language the boy also conveys. There is but a greater and absolute power that made the two understand each other in the manner most of us are capable with – AFFECTION.  The video captions itself speaks bigger than everything:
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Some consider it a gift.
God doesn’t make mistakes.
Our life may all be struggles we cannot instantly comprehend. Many times we were against it and made us question the Divine Being with so many ‘Whys.’ Yet all we need to do is conform to it. And although some appreciates and consider it a gift. But many are not really sure on how to live about it. As we go along our lives and attain a certain level of wisdom, we started feeling we are BETTER & BEST without having to ACCEPT that we are just a speck and dust in an IMMENSE creation of the MASTER OF LIFE.
We thought we are INVINCIBLE and cannot be outdone by any great powers.
We thought we are SUPERIOR and nobody can destroy nor annihilate us because of our newfound powers.
We thought we are UNBEATABLE and nobody can surpass the achievements we acquired.
We thought we are VICIOUS enough to outwit everything that comes our way.
We may think what we like to think about ourselves.  We may think what we like to do about ourselves.
We can even think what we think our lives will be in the future.
But before we do, think or make something about ourselves and for others, do remember that ALL happens for a reason according to the blueprint of the MASTER OF LIFE.
Each us has roles to play. We may not like what we have or have not.
We may have the wisdom to tell what is and what is not.
But there is still a GRAND PLAN for everything and anything.
Where we all fit and built to match accordingly. Simply because…
God does not make mistakes.
We are all part of each other lives.
God does not make mistakes.
We are all His beautiful masterpiece! Unique. Integral. Connected.
If one goes astray, we will not function well.
God does not make mistakes.

You just need to ACCEPT IT.