Sunday, November 9, 2014

All Your Friends by Coldplay: A Tribute to the Memories of War

Famed British rock band Coldplay honors the memory of those men from nations all over the world who fought during the First World War through the release of their newest music video for their newest song entitled, ‘All Your Friends.’ The music video showcases clips of war memories in vintage black and white footages. The release coincided with the 25th commemoration on the fall of the Berlin Wall. The song was a cut from their sixth album Ghost Stories which is currently making waves in the UK and in iTunes as one of the top and fastest selling album for the year 2014.

 The multi awarded group who have won UK music recognition including several Brit awards and three-time Best British Group. They have five MTV Video Music Awards as well as seven Grammy awards. Being one of the world’s consistent chart breakers, Coldplay have sold more than 80 million records globally.  
Coldplay is currently busy in preparation for the live promotion of the record which they did at Sony Studios, Los Angeles in March 2014.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Bride's Prank Calls Off a Wedding in China

Playing a prank is a fun and enjoyable way to some people. But playing a prank on your wedding day might not be a great idea at all.

In Shenzhen City, China, a groom calls off his own wedding when his supposedly 26 year old bride appeared at the wedding venue all dressed up in her wedding gown but with the face of a 50-year old woman.  The bride, Qing Kao has thought of making a prank to test if her groom, Guo Chien will still accept her even if her youthful looks fades into her old version. The supposedly happy event turned into a disaster when the groom decided to quit the wedding vow. Seeing his bride to be in her wedding gown but with the face of an old woman have turned his excitement to sour and anger as the bride tried so hard to tell her groom that her looks was all part of a joke to test his love for her despite her looks. The groom was not pleased but instead out of rage calls off the wedding for good. The bride was left on the venue all sorry for the prank and what she did resulting a broken wedding vow.  Watch how the event happened in the following video clip:

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Steven Sebring Study of Pose: 1,000 Poses by Coco Rocha

[Coco Rocha photo by Steven Sebring]

1,000 poses for a 360 degrees supermodel  

Canadian Supermodel Coco Rocha shows all what the human form was all as she pose in collaboration with New York ace fashion photographer Steven Sebring in his new book entitled: Study of Pose: 1000 Poses by Coco Rocha. The book which is Sebring’s version of four dimensional perspective photography will allow readers and viewers of his photographic wizardry in witnessing the art of multi-dimensional photography in 360 degrees capture.  
Choosing Coco Rocha was equally brilliant since the Toronto born Supermodel has already made a niche of her own in the world of poses and fashion. Aan international fashion icon she had already been featured on several internationally acclaimed fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Flare, Harper’s Bazaar and Time & Style to name a few.  She already did fashion ad campaigns for renowned fashion brands like Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Chanel, DeBeers, Dior, D&G, Versace, YSL and Zac Posen.

On her part, Coco was even candid in saying she really has no idea if she had really posed 1,000 poses in her repertoire. Her work with Sebring was all a delight and hope that the art will thrive as a new concept in fashion photography.

Capturing the Human Form in 360 degrees

According to Sebring, through the wizardry of combining together art, technology and engineering. Sebring has conceived this decade-long idea into the static pages of the book by the use of a touch screen app, one can basically manipulate the images in all 360 degrees angle as if the viewer is a participant exploring during the shoot. The concept was done using a 100-camera set up arranged in a circle which Sebring calls, “The Rig.” For Sebring, “Every time we shoot, it’s like opening Pandora’s box. It’s a new way of seeing things.” he said. Sebring told NY Daily News, “I wanted to document the human form. I wanted people to pick up the book and use it as a reference or as an art object.“ The fourth dimension, Sebring reveal will be the soundtracks over the shoots completing the interactive photo art.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

US Officials to Israel PM Netanyahu: “Coward!”

 “Coward!” a high ranking officer of the Obama administration said. “The thing about Bibi is, he’s a chickenshit,” the rough comment quoted from this Obama officer as conversations were delivered with The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldsberg in anonymity.  The officer also said Netanyahu “was afraid to start wars.” Further claiming Netanyahu has Asperger’s Syndrome,to add more insult to the Israeli PM. These comments by Obama’s officers stirred anew ripples on the ever hot issue about the raging gulf war.
Despite the cross fired comments, this does not serve anything on Iran and ISIS.
The one outraged on Israel’s camp was Naftali Bennet, Israrel’s Minister of Economy and Leader of the religious Jewish Home Party.
Despite the accusations, National Security Council Alistair Baskey disclaimed the comments does not reflect the views of the administration. Saying further, “We think such comments are inappropriate and counter-productive. Despite the extremely close relationship between the U.S. and Israel, we do not agree on every issue.”

Monday, October 20, 2014

A Star was born in Australia’s X-Factor!

Ever since Marlisa’s audition for Australia’s X-Factor, Judge Ronan Keating couldn't help but all praises and standing ovation for the 14 year old Australian X-Factor finalist Marlisa Punzalan. Keating was in awe as he told her, “Who you are now is so endearing,”  after singing ‘Stand By You’ earning her another round of standing ovation from the panel of judges of X Factor Australia.
Redfoo astounded by Marlisa’s performance said, “I think you got yourself a hit there. You got a hit there lady. Now all you need to do is win this thing.”
Danii Minogue on her part was all praise telling Marlisa’s superb performance, “Great title, and great performance. A style queen, as I’ve said, all throughout the competition, you have absolute style and grace, stuff you can’t teach people. I’m sure all your friends, your family, and everyone else that’s grown to love you.”

Watch Marlisa on her all judges standing ovation performance of the song ‘Stand by You’

Humbled by the praises and good things being said to her singing talent, Marlisa remained soft spoken and shy. Raised from humble beginnings, the daughter of a Filipino couple living in Australia balanced her time attending school and her X-Factor stints. A true and real inspiration indeed to her schoolmates, family and friends.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Small Plates

[video grab from NY Times YouTube channel]

The New York Times Magazine’s Fall 2014 issue features a dining experiment entitled, ‘Small Plates’ to see what happened when six second graders are treated to a $220 per person seven-course tasting meal.
For Brooklyn second graders Maya Colombo, Amira Patrick, Chester Parish, Rohan Gelber-Higgins, Caylan George and Phoebe Spickler it was an exciting experience not only to because it was a new place and new taste they've experienced. But for these six schoolchildren, that Saturday afternoon it was a discovery of fine dining experience at its best from one of New York’s best French fine dining restaurant – Daniel. World renowned French chef and restaurateur Daniel Boulud delighted his young guests with his signature French cuisine menu his restaurant was famous for.
Their amazement started from the moment they entered the French inspired restaurant’s revolving door, on to the waiting doorman greeting and receiving them cordially. The waiters made them sit leisurely on the table even arranging throw pillows rested on their backs to accommodate them on the high back dining chair supposedly meant for adult dining guests.
The $220 seven course menu which include a trio of canapés and an amuse-bouche, naturellement was a moment of extraordinary small plate discovery of flavors, layers and texture spectacle that were out of their ordinary and everyday home and school meals. Witnessed by Chef Daniel Boulud himself, the exquisite dishes earned him remarks from the young diners ranging from ‘the most foreign thing for them of the Smoked Paprika Cured Hamachi to ‘This is, like, the only good course. It’s yummy.’ remark of 7-year old Chester Parish on the custom made non-alcoholic cocktail served to them. Chef Daniel toured them through each of the course explaining in details what each were made of.
Of the prepared dishes presented to them, the Crispy Japanese Snapper was among those they loved to see. Whereas, the Wagyu Beef Rib Eye was “a big success” to them. But just like most kids dining as and each course was served to each of them, they are so anxious to wait for the desert to be served. The fine dining experience of these schoolchildren was captured for The New York Times by Director Jeffrey Blitz of the Oscar nominated documentary "Spellbound." 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Battlegear You Say???

In the world today, modern military gears proliferate simply because war never stops in almost any corner of our world. Tactical military designs of military drones and battle gears kept on improving and transpiring right before our eyes. Superpowers seemed to exchanged marketing and exhibit performance of these military pieces on war torn areas. A recent show on the might of some of these military paraphernalia happened on an unfortunate event where a civilian commercial airplane was targeted and hit by a surface to air missile of a rebel group in East Ukraine.  
[Photo grab from]
All its 289 civilian passengers were wiped out instantly into thin air. Although air space routes to these war torn places are being avoided, accident still happens and the poor victims sadly are wasted and treated as collateral damages or just simply a show off of might of the military armory of each opposing sides. And as virtual technology upgrades, the internet has become a vast field to market these military equipment and supplies. Gears such as drones and battleships are selling like hotcakes on war torn areas and places. Transactions and shipments are of course hidden and sealed as top secret details.  Other countries hosts exhibits and shows that showcases information and details of these military merchandise. One recent exposition was the Asian Defense and Se
curity Exhibition (ADAS) that happened in the Philippines initiated last July 17, 2014. The exhibit showcased various military equipment and armaments that could counter terrorists, rebels and other military insurgents. A highlight of the exhibit included the Battledrone T.Re.X4, a tactical multi-rotor unmanned aerial system used in military operations.
[Photo grab from]
In April of 2013, London exhibited counter terror gadgets. Armoured 4x4 vehicles, bulletproof glass, grenades, robotics and life-sized paper targets of suicide bombers and terrorists were put on display.

[Photo grab from the]
Last September25-28 2013, Russia sponsored an exhibit tagged as the IX Russia Arms Expo 2013. The exhibit showcased Russia’s military equipment, ammunition and other military gadgets.

And as billions of people worldwide wait, pray and hope for WORLD PEACE some are busy selling and exhibiting their military wares. All peace loving and law abiding citizens of the world can only wait, pray and hope where in the world will PEACE be sold too. Billions await and hope that WORLD PEACE can still be attained and will still be FREE. But since PEACE seems to be so elusive, are we to set our minds that we all need to be prepared and gear up for the next battle just to be able to really fight for PEACE. Is the world gearing up for world battles that even plain civilian citizens need these battlegears as immediate protection? Do we need to replace our wallpapers with images of suicide bombers and terrorists and start target shooting practice even in our dreams? Will the next car model be an APC look-a-alike or a missile blaster? Or maybe we need to stack up our closets with battle drone outfits so that we could blast off from our windows and blow everything suspicious as targets?

Friday, July 4, 2014

God Does Not Make Mistakes

This video was taken from Kim Symythe’s YouTube Channel.  Kim also does not know the original author of the video and just find appreciation for sharing it publicly. The video featured a little boy diagnosed with down syndrome due to his physical features.  Some have  even reacted about why one allow a big dog beside the boy to play around. The risk was obviously there. But there must be a meaning behind why this video happened. Anybody who would watch the video will sense some deep moving emotion about what it means and why it happened. And even though the boy cannot comprehend much about the dog’s ways of endearment. As much as the dog cannot also understand the language the boy also conveys. There is but a greater and absolute power that made the two understand each other in the manner most of us are capable with – AFFECTION.  The video captions itself speaks bigger than everything:
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Some consider it a gift.
God doesn’t make mistakes.
Our life may all be struggles we cannot instantly comprehend. Many times we were against it and made us question the Divine Being with so many ‘Whys.’ Yet all we need to do is conform to it. And although some appreciates and consider it a gift. But many are not really sure on how to live about it. As we go along our lives and attain a certain level of wisdom, we started feeling we are BETTER & BEST without having to ACCEPT that we are just a speck and dust in an IMMENSE creation of the MASTER OF LIFE.
We thought we are INVINCIBLE and cannot be outdone by any great powers.
We thought we are SUPERIOR and nobody can destroy nor annihilate us because of our newfound powers.
We thought we are UNBEATABLE and nobody can surpass the achievements we acquired.
We thought we are VICIOUS enough to outwit everything that comes our way.
We may think what we like to think about ourselves.  We may think what we like to do about ourselves.
We can even think what we think our lives will be in the future.
But before we do, think or make something about ourselves and for others, do remember that ALL happens for a reason according to the blueprint of the MASTER OF LIFE.
Each us has roles to play. We may not like what we have or have not.
We may have the wisdom to tell what is and what is not.
But there is still a GRAND PLAN for everything and anything.
Where we all fit and built to match accordingly. Simply because…
God does not make mistakes.
We are all part of each other lives.
God does not make mistakes.
We are all His beautiful masterpiece! Unique. Integral. Connected.
If one goes astray, we will not function well.
God does not make mistakes.

You just need to ACCEPT IT.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Schumacher Out of Coma Transferred to Recover in Switzerland

[Grenoble Hospital in France, left Schumacher, middle, Lausanne Hospital in Switzerland, right]

Today, Monday, June 16, 2014 - Family, friends and fans of F1 legend Michael Schumacher rejoices as news of recovery from coma by the famous race car driver spreads. Michael has left the Grenoble Hospital in La Tronche, southeast of France to resume full rehabilitation outside of the public’s prying eyes. Michael’s family, doctors, nurses and staff have extended their appreciation to all the people all over the world who have prayed and wished his well-being since the fatal skiing accident that happened late December of 2013 just a few days before his 45th birthday last January 3, 2014. Michael has been in long induced coma after he was airlifted and rushed to the emergency of Grenoble University Hospital. Michael regained consciousness last April but needed to still be under sedation as per his doctors diagnosis and further observation. Michael will recover and recuperate at the Lausanne University Hospital called the ‘CHUV’ which is nearer his family’s Swiss residence.

Although the statement given by Sabine Kehm, Michael’s manager shortly after the legendary F1 driver had left the Grenoble University Hospital did not give any further details on Michael ’s medical condition. Kehm was quoted saying that Schumacher would ‘continue his long phase of rehabilitation.’  With such statement, some could only speculate the long term side effects of his injury therefore taking longer rehabilitation. But since Michael was an athlete and in top shape, a few good months would probably a good recovery period. Around the world, colleagues, friends and fans have posted well wishes for the fast recovery of the 7-time F1 Champion. Doctors and experts hail the move of Michael’s transfer to a facility near his home as this will speed up the recovery portion with family support as much as possible.  Ever since the accident, Michael’s family kept on constant vigil by his bedside in the hospital.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Lady Gaga Joins Year of the Nipples Bare Hers on Busy NY Streets

[Lady Gaga – photo grab from]

Guess who’s joinin’ the list? Well if you haven’t heard much about Lady Gaga these days.  It is because Ms Poker Face is up to somethin.’ The Poker Face pop singer did some pup strollin’ around the busy street of New York with her new French bulldog Asia. Clad in her see-thru black organza outfit matched with a see thru bra and a heavily ornate silver necklace to draw more emphasize about her bared nipples, Lady Gaga now officially joins the list of the 2014 year of the nipples. Busy New Yorkers took glances with some even have that odd reaction on Lady Gaga’s always daring outfit.  The looks on the faces of those people encountered by Ms Poker Face seemed to be of mixed reactions but more on being entertained with the singer’s new nude fashion sense. 
[Lady Gaga – photo grab from]

Last month, Lady Gaga was also seen by reporters in Winnipeg wearing only a long plaid trouser matched with a sunglass and a pair of high heeled ankle boots struggling to walk around her pup Asia just hours after the Artpop Ball concert. Lady Gaga’s adopted puppy was everywhere in her Instagram account. Asia was with her when she went surfing on the sea just last week. In one photo, Asia was atop a surfboard with Gaga on it too. Lady Gaga adores this new pooch which she adopted last March this year and loves roamin’ around with her.
As netizens feast on Rihanna’s almost naked gown that bared almost everything at the CFDA event last week, it is now Lady Gaga’s turn to bare hers. Did Lady Gaga post too on her Instagram account? Will Mark Zuckerberg also close her account? Who will be the next sensation joining the nipple baring feast? Ask Lady Gaga’s newly adopted pup Asia, she might know the answer since she was with her most of the time and slept with her in her bedroom.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Queen Elizabeth II is All for Protection of the Philippines

[Queen Elzabeth II - photo grab from the telegraph]
Queen Elizabeth II expressed her concern over the protection of the Philippines amid conflicting territorial water rights with China.  The 88-year old queen in a speech delivered during a dinner at the Elysee presidential palace in Paris, France with French President Francois Hollande as host expressed her concern over the protection of the Philippines amid conflicting territorial water rights with China. The event graced by the queen commemorates the 70th anniversary of the World War II event on the landings of the Allied Forces in Normandy as the Philippines marked its 116th year of independence.
The Allied forces which have shown its strength during World War II was again reinforcing to protect the Philippines amid impending chaos.  The Allies consists of France, Poland and Great Britain with soon to be joined by the British Commonwealth.  The Allies were the group that initiated the convention of the now United Nations in 1945 for which China was a member.

China’s claim over territorial waters with the Philippines and some other Asian nations who has concern over the west Philippine Sea boundaries.  Recent satellite images captured China building some structures over the disputed waters prompting the Philippines and other claimant nations to express disagreement over China’s advances. Despite the moves by China, the Philippines and other claimant nations remain calm and resort to remedy their issues by filing claims to the UN. But China seems to keep on ignoring the proper channel and keep on its violations prompting the international community to recognize the urgency of protecting the Philippines along with the Allies’ common goal of unification.  The United States which still have naval bases in the Philippines initially affirmed its alliance with the Philippines and assurance as its long-time ally during president Barrack Obama’s visit last April 29.  During World War II when China was attacked by Japan, the United Nations initiated sanctions to Japan as the US turned to support China.  With the territorial water disputes over the West Philippine Seas and the Allied Forces joining the United States in condemning the acts of China over the disputed waters, it is now left to China what will be the next move to resolve the issue amicably. The world now awaits China’s reaction.

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Philippine’s 3 Senate Musketeers Ready for the Jail Homerun

[Senators Jinggoy Estrada, Bong Revilla and JuanPonce Enrile shares a lighter side at the senate / photo grab from]

After the again so amusing privilege speech of Sen. Bong Revilla yesterday, Monday, June 9, newspaper headline rally anew to probe on the fate of the Philippine’s 3 senate musketeers.  And just like the legendary tale of ‘All for one and one for all.’ battle cry, the three senators who was the subject of the plunder case for funnelling out government funds into their own pockets are now on their homerun stretch to the jail. But all three expressed readiness for their arrest and does not show fear nor remorse since they all claim that the case will not stand in the court and they will be eventually have their justice served. Revilla even made his recent privilege speech something to be feast upon with memes on the social network forums.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sharapova Wins Her 2nd French Open Title

[Maria Sharapova - photo grab from]

Russia's pretty tennis pro, Maria Sharapova beats 22 year-old Romanian Simona Halep. Sharapova's win was passionately won in a three spellbinding set many claimed as Sharapova's art of passionate tennis play that only she can conquer and finish with the winning score of  6-4, 6-7, 6-4.  Towards the end and as the crowd chants Simona's name to accord her for her fighting spirit, her eyes welled up with tears. But it was Sharapova's winning moment and Halep has to accept defeat with grace and honor. Halep was the first to reach the finals since her manager Viginia Rucizi also lost to Chris Evert 34 years ago. Halep settled as the world's Number 4 in the world of Women's Tennis having beaten also by Serena Williams last year. On her side, Sharapova still congratulates Halep and told. "You've had an unbelievable two weeks, Simona.  I’m so emotional right now I don’t know what language to speak, English, French, Russian. But to be able to have the chance to stand on this stage two years is incredible for me.”

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Instagram at Rihanna: Show some sense of worth!

[Rihanna at CFDA  in the body revealing see-thru gown. Image from dailymail]
Rihanna’s instagram account was censored off by Instagram for flaunting her pornos.  Instagram through its owner Mark Zuckerberg who also owns Facebook has banned singer Rihanna for blatantly posting her explicit images from her Liu Magazine layout.  The banning was initiated with repeated warnings but was ignored. She instead continued to post more of her nude photos, prompting the sanction to be administered at lunchtime last Monday June 2, 2014. It was also last Monday that Riri appeared at the CFDA Awards in New York in a completely sheer and almost naked ensemble. The dress made for her by Fashion Designer Adam Selman.  In an interview by, the designer describe the ensemble to be just fishnet, crystals and fingers crossed. The translucent mesh dress which took about 230,000 Swarovski crystals was worn by Riri with a matching head scarf and gloves, a pink fur stole and just a nude thong underneath. Selman admitted it was definitely their idea to make it a ‘little bit scandalous while stylist Mel Ottenberg noted that at least eight people have worked painstakingly to put on the finishing touches.

In a revelation from tells the sheer dress was Rihanna’s sort of revenge dressing to show off singer-rapper Drake whose relationship with Rihanna has just recently broken up.  But Drake’s reaction was some comment that Riri loves to shock people with her pretty extreme ensemble. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

King Kanye & Queen Kim, the Royal American Wedding in France

Finally, it’s officially Mr. & Mrs Kanye West! Today, Saturday May 24, 2014 Kanye West and Kim Kardashian was officially Mr. & Mrs Kanye West.  Dressed in a lacy curvaceous bodice dress with plunging V neckline, Kim was all very sexy and endowed with all her body assets. While Kanye was ever dashing in his dark blue and black suit. The couple was married at the historic 17th century castle Chateau de Wideville in West Paris, France.

The couple fell in love with the vintage venues and thinks they were really, really classy. The royal princess, little baby Princess Kimye was on her drape covered deep blue colored cradle rolled by her mommy Kim as daddy Kanye signals shhh to hush the crowd so as not to disturb her nappin.’ During the pre-wedding luncheon at Valentino’s chateau, baby North West was well-mannered and did not seem to even grimaced nor bothered to get into tantrums with all the preparations going around her. She was contented nibbling on her dark chocolate and vegetable tempura. On June 15, baby Kimye will celebrate her very first birthday.

While Jay Z thought the wedding has gone out of proportion and have turned over into more of a circus, the wedding vows was finally done and the royalties now has completed their dream royal wedding. Congratulations Hrhs. King Kanye and Queen Kim and now back to reality Mr. & Mrs. Kanye West.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Asia’s Nightingale Lani Misalucha Sings as Bangketa Singer

[image grab from ABS CBN media]
Clad in simple street clothes with less and no make up to complete the experiment look.  Asia’s famous Nightingale Lani Misalucha belted out three songs in the noisy, dusty pedestrian side street at the back of Manila City Hall.  The production crew commissioned two blind bangketa singers, Flor and Mel who worked by singing and asking donations from the passing crowds of busy Manila side streets. The two did not know Lani Misalucha will be their guest protégé singer who will join them as they perform and ask for donations from passers-by.

When the experiment started, passers-by just casually passed the two blind workers and proceeded to where they will be going never stopping to even listen nor drop something on the donation box for the two blind workers.  But as Lani started to sing her first song, people started to listen to an unknown face yet familiar high pitched singing voice of Lani.  People started to be mesmerized and one by one stop to listen to the melodious voice.  The two blind workers are even happier not only listening to a strange bangketa singer who offered to sing for them and drew crowd that gets bigger and bigger as she belts out every song to their listening pleasure. People started dropping donations in appreciation to the singing talent and the nice melodies they were hearing. With three familiar songs certainly Lani’s, the crowd got to finally recognize  the face behind the simple street clothes in dark sunglass shades through that distinct voice that only belongs to the one and only Asia’s Nightingale Lani Misalucha.  Excitement grew and one by one people started taking video, pictures of the bangketa singer now unmasked.  Lani took the experience as a treasured one and was overwhelmed with it.  With her experience, she certainly has high and deepest regards to the two blind bangketa workers who painstakingly worked with their talents under the basking heat of the sun, the humid and hot air, he noisy surroundings for just a few sum of donations in exchange for their talent and performance.  To Lani, it was certainly a rare and a very moving experience having performed in a very ‘unusual stage’ but very heart warming experience.

: Anne Curtis is now a certified Concert Biggie

[Image by Smart Araneta media]

Whoever says Anne Curtis can’t carry a tune must have been mumbling on air now.  The famous Kapamilya fantaserye icon has belted out songs never in their wild imagination she can do.  Maybe not someone to compare with Broadway superstars, but Anne certainly did an unmatched performance in her recently concluded concert dubbed as ‘The Forbidden Anne Kapal Concert Round 2.’ Anne has again filled out the Smart Araneta Coliseum by overflowing it to the brim with her followers making her a ‘Concert Biggie.’ As hot as ever, Anne rippled another something for the entertainment scene.  Last year’s bar scandals made Anne’s career almost sour and bleak. The controversy of her as a bad example for the products she endorses created ripples and memes over the social media network.  Early this year, bad moments happened as she got stunned by a box jellyfish while on shoot of her fantasy series ‘Dyesebel’ in Batangas. But now, as she hums another tune, Anne belted all her bad sides out of her system as she did unusual concert singing stunts singing popular hits like ‘Let It Go’  from the animated movie Frozen and originally rendered by Idina Menzel.  Her star glows brightly anew and even hotter than before. Anne is currently one of the most sought after actress and endorser.  The sold out concert was co-produced by Annebisyosa Productions, Inc. and Viva Live was a certified blockbuster making Anne Curtis the next concert biggie in Philippine concert series.  Should Annedecide a sequel or another concert audience can expect more fire and hot numbers from Anne and her concert guests and will surely bring everyone on their feet and clamoring for more.  A sure stand out with more surprises and more exciting numbers.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Beauty and Beyond

What beauty means are differentiated by how a person perceive what beauty is?  Many says beauty lies on the eye of the beholder. To some, natural and exotic is beauty. A handful says beauty and brains are tops. Others say beauty is just skin deep.  Beauty organizers around the world seek far and wide who will stand out from its set of criteria and deserve to wear their prestigious crown and be named as the ‘most beautiful’ among women from different nations of the world who came to participate and compete for the coveted title at stake. However, based on the outcome and history of winning the title crowns there are only a handful of countries in the world who are consistently winning most of the crowns offered by these beauty pageant organizers. And in the year 2013, the Philippines have garnered and was enlisted in the elite list of countries having won the major beauty contests crowns. The elite group consist of Venezuela, the US and the Philippines with Venezuela having won 21 major crowns on top of the list followed by the US with 14 and the Philippines with 9.  The Philippines was also the lone Asian nation to have entered into the elite circle. Qualifying to be listed in the elite circle was winning the top four major beauty title namely: Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth.

Assessing and measuring beauty by these ‘big four’ world beauty pageant organizers were based on tabulated score sheets filled up by the assigned contest judges during the pageant. In some instances public polls and voting are being conducted online as aid in the popularity aspect of criteria but this aspect was not a guaranty nor will wholly be the basis of the overall judging criteria. Organizers and pageant benefactors also play a big role though these will never be something to be taken into context since ‘unbiased’ decisions are always claimed and vital for the trust rating satisfaction of the pageant organizers mainly due to the interest of the viewing public.

The inclusion of the Philippines in the elite circle of the ‘big four’ has broken the traditional ‘western countries’ domination of the beauty pageant crowns. With the shift from west to eastern beauty domination, many beauty pageant followers are also unto the quest of what beauty will be based on the historic shifting of winners.  Many eastern countries are hopeful that if Philippines had made it to the elite circle, the feat can still be repeated.  A hope for women in the east or probably the middle, north or south have something to be challenged with.  This all lead to conclude that beauty is an exciting competition being watched and awaited by all people from all corners of the world.  Beautiful women not because they are poised, charming, witty and intelligent but most fitting of all was that they were representatives of making all the countries unite and respect each other as a nation and people of this world.  Beauty maybe in the eye of a person, but each women participant in these beauty contests does not only represent beauty but their respective country, their values, their culture and most significantly people united and one. A quality that radiates beyond what beauty mean.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

South Korea's Prime Minister Resigned From Post Over Sinking of Ferry


Facing the grief of shame, Chung Hong-won admitted his negligence and offer of apology over the tragic deaths of mostly school children of the ill-fated capsized ferry MV Sewol a few kilometers away off the coast of Gwanmae Island near Jeju in South Korea. This led him to surrender and resign from his post as Prime Minister of his country while retrieval operations are still ongoing for the hundreds of bodies that sunk along with the ferry.  Of the more than estimated 400 passengers and crew, 187 confirmed and retrieved bodies have been recovered with yet an estimate of 115 still unaccounted for based on the ferry's record.  A figure which many presumed was a misfit calculation since many relatives are have come to claim their love ones included in the ferry trip to Jeju. The premier's last visit to a shelter for relatives of the victims in Jindo Island supposedly to console and humble himself was met with rage and anger from the distraught relatives.  Some even throw water bottles unto him out of their compromised loss. Heartbreaking text notes to relatives of the schoolchildren on board the ferry were covered by several news agencies.  More claimed hearing still their children's tragic plea for help on their sleeps.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Sunset. The most calming and becoming event to see on the horizon.  Not every country were graced to have that one lovely setting on the horizon.  Some people even try to catch it with their lenses travelling all across the globe just to have a peek at its glory. The stunning and ecstatic scene most likely could not be replicated nor captured twice.  No two sunset captures are alike. And there are only a few places in the world graced by such occasion. The Philippines fortunately was blessed with such beauties. Aside from the world renowned 'Sunset in Manila Bay,' there are certainly other places that equally are worth every click and worthy to be pinned on a canvass.   Below are some of the captured beauties of the Philippine sunset through the lens of Che Gurobat, a Filipina traveler who have tried to photographed sunsets of  80 of the 81 provinces of the Philippines.  See some of her majestic shots of sunsets that can only be found only in the Philippines.  Though she have seen and experienced the sunset phenomenon every time in her life, she still find each moment a blissful luxury not everyone can exactly feel. Prepare to be captivated by her ecstatic captures.
Boracay Island, Aklan

Ahhhh... what a sight! The glorious splendor of the Visayan skies as if drawn vividly in crimson shades with back drop of fishing boats and mountains from afar. What an escape from the sights of the skyscrapers in the city and the congested city streets. One would surely drop dead seeing this natural canvass of views.

Balanacan Port, Mogpog, Marinduque
Fire and ice meet each other. The captured  transitioning skies are but just wonderfully ecstatic. God was a real master of of all art with the perfect blend of every colors and elements. Picture perfect in astounding expressive nature's beauty.

Manila Bay

Who could ever miss this? The postcard beauty known across the globe. See that ball of fire glowing to hide somewhere that even the fleet of sails and boats couldn't simply hide it. Amazingly worth a momentarily glance. A masterpiece indeed!

Tanay, Rizal
The mystery lies deep within. As the sun draws flat on the horizon. The boatman and the lighthouse tower seem to be overwhelmed with its spectacular grandeur that watching it set was all they could traverse.

Mystical beauty in pale sunset hue. The beauty hides within releasing the mystery of the nocturnal transition. The abyss is ready to engulf and hide them soon.

Bangui, Ilocos Norte
The wind howls as the mountains breathe. The failing luster is about to cast not even those mighty windmill blades can stop its journey of hiding. One perfect capture of nature's mighty  powers.

A peek behind leaves the colossal mountain just a shadow that will soon be hidden from the eyes of many.  But the fiery wonder was worth an immense feast that last forever.

San Juan, La Union
O heavenly goodness what wonderful grace you are? Even the solitary drifter shy away somberly  if only to catch you til the next time you peek anew from the horizon.

Coron, Palawan
Stunning azure captured in magnificent wonders. Only sunset hues, natural mountains and deep blue waters can create such wonderful blend of hues in perfect harmony. No Rembrandt or Goya nor any of the renaissance scholars  can simply replicate such scene. Magnifico!

Panglao Island, Bohol
A dreamer's refuge in a dreamy landscape. One will be permitted to sigh with awe and make this scene a rendezvous in their imagination. But why imagine, if you can catch your dream, the island and the sunset awaits, be sure to catch 'em on your next journey to this place.

Mt. Manabu Sto. Tomas, Batangas
Captivating layers of earth and sky. What bizarre secrets do you hide behind such enigma? It will truly be exciting to wait until the horizon totally settles in constant tone. It would be nice to take a glimpse before it's gone forever.

Anawangin Cove, San Antonio, Zambales

Watch the intense crown of glowing ball go down to the waters. Kissing everyone warmly 'Adieu'  only to back in a couple of moments. But don't get impatient it leaves you with a view that will leave you addicted seeing its glory again and again.

Apo Reef, Sablayan, Mindoro Occidental
The lush green is an ally. Neutralizing and refreshing the intense colors. It only defines the diversity of life. in its most shining glory.  Let's celebrate life in vivid colors!

Dapitan City
The angel up above. The silver lining up above the sky.  That look and resembles that of an angel's pair of wings. God must have sent a real one. Rejoice for God blesses us with angelic beauties we see beyond our expectation.

Zamboanga City
The colors representing the south in purely amazing colors.  The beautiful vintas meet the glorious colors of the sun setting on the horizon. This completes the colors of sunny Philippines graciously blessed with beautiful people , captivating places and natural events like these amazing sunsets. Come visit the Philippines and see these amazing wonders.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mercy Triumphed Over Justice

Balal's Execution [photo grab from AFP news]
In a predominantly Muslim place like Iran, execution by hanging was an option for justice. But a mother’s heart proved that mercy is a way to justice for a son who died from the hand of a man whom the sharia law of retribution found guilty for the crime. 

What Balal thought was his last gasp of breath was miraculously deferred.  He instead felt a big slap in his face coming from the merciful hand of his victim’s mother.  The victim’s family did not approve on the timing of the date.  It was the day before the Persian New Year Nowruz. Three days prior to the execution day, Hosseinzadeh Sr., the victim’s father told that his wife had a dream of their elder son Abdollah telling he was in a good place and told her not to retaliate. The dream made his wife to further think until the day of execution. The moment of grace and divine intervention.  Six years ago, Abdollah was 18 years old then and was strolling with friends in a bazaar when the then 20 year old Balal shoved him. The startled Abdollah kicked him but Balal instead took an ordinary knife out from his socks which he struck to Abdollah causing his death.  Though Balal escaped from the scene of the crime, he was later arrested by the police and took the court six years to hand down the verdict of death to penalize Balal for his wrongdoing.  Hosseinzadeh Sr however found out that Balal was an inexperienced killer and could not even handle a knife. “He was naïve,” Hosseinzadeh Sr said.
God has many ways and faces to perform His graces and mercy.  It is through this kinds of ‘divine intervention’ that he perform extraordinary miracles to people of different creed, belief and religion.  In some part of the world, not necessarily in the Islamic region, the period of Lent was being observed.  And if this is one way God, Allah or whatever name we call Him to remember His merciful heart, there must be really some divine intervention why He has chosen this moment to let MERCY TRIUMPHED OVER JUSTICE

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chinatown: Leaving a Worldwide Legacy

Wikipedia described Chinatown as an ethnic enclave of expatriate Chinese people outside of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.  The huge population in China made some of its people left their country to seek work and opportunities for a better life.  Nowadays, Chinatown are in most key cities worldwide and become prolific business areas and prominent landmarks.  Aside from being a business district, Chinatowns are fascinating tourist destinations and in some areas distinct landmarks.
The oldest Chinatown was built in the Philippines.   The Manila Chinatown community has been established as a trading area since the 15th century.  Since then, Chinatown has grown like sprouting mushrooms all over the world.  In the US alone, one can find a Chinatown in most of its key cities.
But what made these places unique?  Perhaps these are few of the reasons why there are Chinatowns elsewhere in the world:
ü  Chinatowns are landmarks.  In almost every continent in the world, one can find a Chinatown.  Name it, you can find Chinatown in Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, the Latin America, Oceania and the US.  In every continent in the world, one can find a Chinatown.
ü  Chinatowns are business district.  Most Chinatowns are center of commerce and trading primarily Chinese products from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macao or even products made in its host country that defines Chinese craftsmanship and attributes.
ü  Chinatowns are tourist destinations and landmarks.  In most Chinatowns around the world, one can find elements that are uniquely Chinese.  There are Chinese pagodas which are symbols of Chinese architecture.  Chinese lanterns, dragons, lions, calligraphy and signs which decorate and identify establishments creating the atmosphere of the Chinese culture.  The smell of incense, Chinese cuisine and delicacies will carry your feet to where it will lead you. 
ü  Chinatowns are communities.  .  Chinatown is where you can find Chinese from all walks of life, whether they are permanently settled in that country or not.  The racial features of the people you will meet defines you are in a place where China and its people converge.  Despite their diversity from their host country, Chinatown still thrive to relive the greatest value and legacy in their being a family away from their native China.
Although the basic pattern of Chinatowns are clusters or communities relating about China, its people, and its trade.  It is worthy to know that China’s rich culture and people are traveling around the world.  It is leaving footprints and legacy throughout the world through this thriving communities we call – Chinatown