Sunday, April 27, 2014

South Korea's Prime Minister Resigned From Post Over Sinking of Ferry


Facing the grief of shame, Chung Hong-won admitted his negligence and offer of apology over the tragic deaths of mostly school children of the ill-fated capsized ferry MV Sewol a few kilometers away off the coast of Gwanmae Island near Jeju in South Korea. This led him to surrender and resign from his post as Prime Minister of his country while retrieval operations are still ongoing for the hundreds of bodies that sunk along with the ferry.  Of the more than estimated 400 passengers and crew, 187 confirmed and retrieved bodies have been recovered with yet an estimate of 115 still unaccounted for based on the ferry's record.  A figure which many presumed was a misfit calculation since many relatives are have come to claim their love ones included in the ferry trip to Jeju. The premier's last visit to a shelter for relatives of the victims in Jindo Island supposedly to console and humble himself was met with rage and anger from the distraught relatives.  Some even throw water bottles unto him out of their compromised loss. Heartbreaking text notes to relatives of the schoolchildren on board the ferry were covered by several news agencies.  More claimed hearing still their children's tragic plea for help on their sleeps.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Sunset. The most calming and becoming event to see on the horizon.  Not every country were graced to have that one lovely setting on the horizon.  Some people even try to catch it with their lenses travelling all across the globe just to have a peek at its glory. The stunning and ecstatic scene most likely could not be replicated nor captured twice.  No two sunset captures are alike. And there are only a few places in the world graced by such occasion. The Philippines fortunately was blessed with such beauties. Aside from the world renowned 'Sunset in Manila Bay,' there are certainly other places that equally are worth every click and worthy to be pinned on a canvass.   Below are some of the captured beauties of the Philippine sunset through the lens of Che Gurobat, a Filipina traveler who have tried to photographed sunsets of  80 of the 81 provinces of the Philippines.  See some of her majestic shots of sunsets that can only be found only in the Philippines.  Though she have seen and experienced the sunset phenomenon every time in her life, she still find each moment a blissful luxury not everyone can exactly feel. Prepare to be captivated by her ecstatic captures.
Boracay Island, Aklan

Ahhhh... what a sight! The glorious splendor of the Visayan skies as if drawn vividly in crimson shades with back drop of fishing boats and mountains from afar. What an escape from the sights of the skyscrapers in the city and the congested city streets. One would surely drop dead seeing this natural canvass of views.

Balanacan Port, Mogpog, Marinduque
Fire and ice meet each other. The captured  transitioning skies are but just wonderfully ecstatic. God was a real master of of all art with the perfect blend of every colors and elements. Picture perfect in astounding expressive nature's beauty.

Manila Bay

Who could ever miss this? The postcard beauty known across the globe. See that ball of fire glowing to hide somewhere that even the fleet of sails and boats couldn't simply hide it. Amazingly worth a momentarily glance. A masterpiece indeed!

Tanay, Rizal
The mystery lies deep within. As the sun draws flat on the horizon. The boatman and the lighthouse tower seem to be overwhelmed with its spectacular grandeur that watching it set was all they could traverse.

Mystical beauty in pale sunset hue. The beauty hides within releasing the mystery of the nocturnal transition. The abyss is ready to engulf and hide them soon.

Bangui, Ilocos Norte
The wind howls as the mountains breathe. The failing luster is about to cast not even those mighty windmill blades can stop its journey of hiding. One perfect capture of nature's mighty  powers.

A peek behind leaves the colossal mountain just a shadow that will soon be hidden from the eyes of many.  But the fiery wonder was worth an immense feast that last forever.

San Juan, La Union
O heavenly goodness what wonderful grace you are? Even the solitary drifter shy away somberly  if only to catch you til the next time you peek anew from the horizon.

Coron, Palawan
Stunning azure captured in magnificent wonders. Only sunset hues, natural mountains and deep blue waters can create such wonderful blend of hues in perfect harmony. No Rembrandt or Goya nor any of the renaissance scholars  can simply replicate such scene. Magnifico!

Panglao Island, Bohol
A dreamer's refuge in a dreamy landscape. One will be permitted to sigh with awe and make this scene a rendezvous in their imagination. But why imagine, if you can catch your dream, the island and the sunset awaits, be sure to catch 'em on your next journey to this place.

Mt. Manabu Sto. Tomas, Batangas
Captivating layers of earth and sky. What bizarre secrets do you hide behind such enigma? It will truly be exciting to wait until the horizon totally settles in constant tone. It would be nice to take a glimpse before it's gone forever.

Anawangin Cove, San Antonio, Zambales

Watch the intense crown of glowing ball go down to the waters. Kissing everyone warmly 'Adieu'  only to back in a couple of moments. But don't get impatient it leaves you with a view that will leave you addicted seeing its glory again and again.

Apo Reef, Sablayan, Mindoro Occidental
The lush green is an ally. Neutralizing and refreshing the intense colors. It only defines the diversity of life. in its most shining glory.  Let's celebrate life in vivid colors!

Dapitan City
The angel up above. The silver lining up above the sky.  That look and resembles that of an angel's pair of wings. God must have sent a real one. Rejoice for God blesses us with angelic beauties we see beyond our expectation.

Zamboanga City
The colors representing the south in purely amazing colors.  The beautiful vintas meet the glorious colors of the sun setting on the horizon. This completes the colors of sunny Philippines graciously blessed with beautiful people , captivating places and natural events like these amazing sunsets. Come visit the Philippines and see these amazing wonders.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mercy Triumphed Over Justice

Balal's Execution [photo grab from AFP news]
In a predominantly Muslim place like Iran, execution by hanging was an option for justice. But a mother’s heart proved that mercy is a way to justice for a son who died from the hand of a man whom the sharia law of retribution found guilty for the crime. 

What Balal thought was his last gasp of breath was miraculously deferred.  He instead felt a big slap in his face coming from the merciful hand of his victim’s mother.  The victim’s family did not approve on the timing of the date.  It was the day before the Persian New Year Nowruz. Three days prior to the execution day, Hosseinzadeh Sr., the victim’s father told that his wife had a dream of their elder son Abdollah telling he was in a good place and told her not to retaliate. The dream made his wife to further think until the day of execution. The moment of grace and divine intervention.  Six years ago, Abdollah was 18 years old then and was strolling with friends in a bazaar when the then 20 year old Balal shoved him. The startled Abdollah kicked him but Balal instead took an ordinary knife out from his socks which he struck to Abdollah causing his death.  Though Balal escaped from the scene of the crime, he was later arrested by the police and took the court six years to hand down the verdict of death to penalize Balal for his wrongdoing.  Hosseinzadeh Sr however found out that Balal was an inexperienced killer and could not even handle a knife. “He was naïve,” Hosseinzadeh Sr said.
God has many ways and faces to perform His graces and mercy.  It is through this kinds of ‘divine intervention’ that he perform extraordinary miracles to people of different creed, belief and religion.  In some part of the world, not necessarily in the Islamic region, the period of Lent was being observed.  And if this is one way God, Allah or whatever name we call Him to remember His merciful heart, there must be really some divine intervention why He has chosen this moment to let MERCY TRIUMPHED OVER JUSTICE

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chinatown: Leaving a Worldwide Legacy

Wikipedia described Chinatown as an ethnic enclave of expatriate Chinese people outside of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.  The huge population in China made some of its people left their country to seek work and opportunities for a better life.  Nowadays, Chinatown are in most key cities worldwide and become prolific business areas and prominent landmarks.  Aside from being a business district, Chinatowns are fascinating tourist destinations and in some areas distinct landmarks.
The oldest Chinatown was built in the Philippines.   The Manila Chinatown community has been established as a trading area since the 15th century.  Since then, Chinatown has grown like sprouting mushrooms all over the world.  In the US alone, one can find a Chinatown in most of its key cities.
But what made these places unique?  Perhaps these are few of the reasons why there are Chinatowns elsewhere in the world:
ü  Chinatowns are landmarks.  In almost every continent in the world, one can find a Chinatown.  Name it, you can find Chinatown in Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, the Latin America, Oceania and the US.  In every continent in the world, one can find a Chinatown.
ü  Chinatowns are business district.  Most Chinatowns are center of commerce and trading primarily Chinese products from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macao or even products made in its host country that defines Chinese craftsmanship and attributes.
ü  Chinatowns are tourist destinations and landmarks.  In most Chinatowns around the world, one can find elements that are uniquely Chinese.  There are Chinese pagodas which are symbols of Chinese architecture.  Chinese lanterns, dragons, lions, calligraphy and signs which decorate and identify establishments creating the atmosphere of the Chinese culture.  The smell of incense, Chinese cuisine and delicacies will carry your feet to where it will lead you. 
ü  Chinatowns are communities.  .  Chinatown is where you can find Chinese from all walks of life, whether they are permanently settled in that country or not.  The racial features of the people you will meet defines you are in a place where China and its people converge.  Despite their diversity from their host country, Chinatown still thrive to relive the greatest value and legacy in their being a family away from their native China.
Although the basic pattern of Chinatowns are clusters or communities relating about China, its people, and its trade.  It is worthy to know that China’s rich culture and people are traveling around the world.  It is leaving footprints and legacy throughout the world through this thriving communities we call – Chinatown

Monday, April 7, 2014

Peaches Geldof: so young, so soon, so tragic…

Peaches with mom Paula[image courtesy of The Telegraph]

At 25, she has made ripples and carved her niche as a contributor for The Guardian, The Telegraph and ITV 2’s OMG!. She was also gaining fast recognition as a model in Tesco’s F&F fashion world in London.  She’s even starting to enjoy her other career, being a new mom again to her youngest Phaedra who is about to turn one on the 24th of this month.  But Peaches’ life was over at a very young and tender age of 25.  She left behind her husband Tom Cohen, lead singer of the band SCUM, who was sad telling, "My beloved wife Peaches was adored by myself and her two sons," in a statement.  She also left behind her dad, Bob Geldof along with her sisters Trixiebelle, Pixie and half-sister Tiger Lily.
Peaches’ death was made known following a concerned report that a 25 year old woman was pronounced dead by South East Coast Ambulance Service in Kent.  Police are still under investigation on the circumstances about the cause of death.  Social media sites exchanged bereavement posts among those who early tweeted sympathy were Joe McElderry, Lily Allen, Danny Jones from McFly, Myleene Klass, Chloe Green, Sam Smith and model-friend Daisy Lowe.  DJ Ferne Cotton of Radio One was equally devastated upon learning about the news.  Her father, Bob has this to say about Peaches, “He was fractured so often, but never broken.”  This, despite his grief over the death of Peaches’ mother Paula Yates who died of heroin overdose when she was just 16.  Both were tragic losses and heart breaking indeed for Bob.  It was also reported that Peaches was not yet over her mom’s death and still reminiscing based on her last Instagram photo of herself and mom simply captioned as ‘me and my mum.’

Friday, April 4, 2014

China's Amazing Talented 3-Year Old Brings Judges and Audience Laughing their Hearts Out!

Watch how the cuddly and very cute little three-year old Zhang Junhao brings the judges and audience laughing in delight as he shows off his talent in China's reality show, Amazing Chinese.  Now be ready to be tickled with his fancy moves.  Don't tell me I did not warn you he's moves brings contagious laughing to the max!  Video grab from Youtube.