Friday, October 14, 2016

Ride Like the Wind with BMW Mottorrad Vision Next 100

The challenge of the 21st century is on!

And BMW has taken the challenge with the introduction on one of its newest motorcycle technology.  Introducing the BMWMottorad Visio Next 100! The future of motorcycle riding experience in an amazing concept of technology and the joy of making life a ride like the wind on digital ease captured on human’s most natural instincts.  Incredibly explore the joy of riding on a 360° dynamics and maneuvers.  Motoring was never this wonderful until the BMW MottoradVisio Next 100! Let us further unmask this newest digital motoring craze for you and be the judge on its awesome features.

The story of a bionic vision.

BMW envisions the future with bionic riders.  Aside from its advanced self-balancing feature, it offers the concept where the bikers’ suit and visor can be integrated into one and act as the rider’s helmet yet experience the same essential safety functions of a must motoring gear.   Yes, the new BMW Mottorrad Vision Next 100 can let you safely travel even without the old-fashioned helmet as protection gear.  With the technology integrated unto the BMW riding suit and visors, the rider will be able to maneuver and control travel experiences. The virtual reality ready suit and visor has enabled gaze-tracking control of its UI and can even virtually project road tracks and angles to help you easily plan and maneuver what lies ahead your road travels.   BMW envisioned that the suit itself can be one virtual motoring maneuver support to the rider. But this is but just a part of the entire BMW bionic motoring vision.  BMW motoring visions has more.

Fall in love with motoring geometries.

They say the motorcycle is every rider’s lover.  They go a long way with each other as far as they want to be.  They embrace each other for the longest time.  They are together through thick and thin. Their romance is endless and eternal.  The design of the BMW Mottorrad Vision Next 100 levels up from the old fashioned joints and bearings to the digitized body dynamics of the ergonomic flexframe technology.  Power steer maneuvers will never be the same again. The relaxed power in the handlebars can steer away and change directions and paths effortless and with easy glides.  It’s as if you are falling in love and romancing with your bike over and over again through smooth maneuvering.  More like how you glide and ride with the wind.

Safety lies on virtual intelligence.   

Old fashioned headgears are no safety match in terms of the BMW Mottorrad Vision Next 100 built in virtual intelligence.  There is no way you can fall not even needing a foot lean on abrupt stopping or travel interruptions.  The BMW Mottorrad Vision Next 100 ensures no rider or bike need to crash with its gyroscopes, advanced traction control, antilock brakes and hill start assist.  There is hardly ever any chance for you to compromise safety and fatal crash on two wheels.

See beyond with virtually intelligent Goggles.

The road ahead can be difficult and perilous. But with the BMW Mottorrad Vision Next 100 Goggles, see beyond what your eyes can see by communicating and navigating through its head-up display showing you information on the road for ideal paths and road angles for a worriless route options and directions.  It is easy to sync apps with your other digital gadgets to offer you more technology options.

Intelligent options for your great escape.

Adding to your travel and route option was the view in the tank banks of your needed map routes in glowing blue lights the positions and directions of your great escape. Watch and envision yourself with the new the BMW Mottorrad Vision Next 100 and ride like the wind in its futuristic appeal.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Golden Milk & the Secret of Life’s 24-Karat Elixir

The milk we knew.

Golden Milk is not the milk we knew in our childhood. Ever since we were born, we are used to know and picture milk in our minds as that pure immaculate white drink that nourishes us. The milk we knew was the one that comes from animals like cows, yak, and goats. As part of the nutrition food group standard or the basic food group introduced in 1974 by food boards as the ideal foods that are cheap yet highly nutritious , milk has since then become a vital and important source of vitamins and nutrients our body need.   This standard was however further enhanced to open other alternatives and food substitutes that are equally cheap and highly nutritious for everyone to be healthy and well.
While many indulge in drinking a cup of tea or coffee while relaxing before they go to bed and call it a day.  And drinking milk as we’ve grown and used to when we’re still young even before we discover caffeine indulgence later on in our lives. Now that we were all grown up and adults, milk indulgence are never too late especially if the milk we will drink will not only satisfy our indulgence but more about giving us great health benefits our body needs. And the one best milk sustenance around need not necessarily come from other animals. That there is that option about natural and organic milk indulgence that simply offers goodness and wellness our body needs.   It is called Golden Milk.


Golden Milk?

Yes, golden milk was that best milk drink that is all natural, organic and incomparable in terms of great health benefits than any other milk drink available. Golden milk comprises most of nature’s finest bounty.
Turmeric has a golden yellow color due to its prime active component called curcumin which when mixed with coconut, soy or almond milk resembles to appear golden or gold in color and is probably the reason why it got its name.  And since turmeric belongs to the root family of rhizomes which was extracted from the ground it has also been recognized as a golden nugget due to the many health benefits it brings.

The magic mix.

To make you experience the amazing effect of this life giving elixir, below is how easy it is to prepare a single serving dose of this magical mix drink.
1 teaspoon organic coconut oil
¼ teaspoon turmeric paste (Turmeric Paste is the concentrated version of the ready to mix turmeric.  Prepared by combining and cooking in a pan 1 cup of water with ½ cup of organic turmeric powder, 1 & ½ teaspoons black pepper and 5 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil. Constantly stir the mixture for about 6 to 10 minutes until the paste consistency was met.  Cool and use for your golden drink indulgence.)
1 cup almond milk
Raw and unfiltered organic honey for taste
Combine and mix all ingredients except honey over medium heat but do not allow the mixture to boil. Allow to cool.  Add honey once cool enough to drink.

Why Golden Milk is the Body’s Health Elixir

One factor on the amazing health benefits of golden milk include therapeutic wonders from its prime ingredient turmeric, which contains active polyphenol agent that lowers blood sugar levels. It can do amazing healing wonders on lung and liver diseases, neurological diseases, metabolic diseases, autoimmune disorders, inflammatory illnesses and cardiovascular diseases.  Turmeric is also a well-known proven antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer inhibitors. But not only that, just imagine these other known important health benefits of turmeric as published in the Natural Product Reports of 2011:

ü  Inhibit production of healthy cholesterol in the bodt.
ü  Help in increasing the production of platelets
ü  Prevents thrombosis as well as myocardial  infraction.
ü  Prevent symptoms and occurrence of multiple sclerosis
ü  Prevent progression of Alzheimer’s disease.
ü  Prevent HIV progression.
ü  Stop the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis from advancing.
ü  Help in prevention of symptoms related with Type 2 Diabetes.
ü  Prevent tumor progression
ü  Promote digestive health.
ü  Help in protection against cataracts.
ü  Improves wound healing.
ü  Improve bile secretion function.
ü  Guard and serve to protect against liver damages.
ü  Help protect the body from pulmonary toxicity and fibrosis.

Another highly important health component of Golden Milk is the natural goodness of coconut milk. We all know that the coconut tree is one of nature’s wonder plant. The nut juice and the extracted juice from its grated meat was a high grade source of the rarely found lauric acid among plants. Lauric acid (MCFA) was converted by the body into monolaurin, a type of monoglyceride that combats those lipid-coated viruses of the HIV, herpes, influenza, measles, gram-negative organisms and protozoa. It has been reported that MCFA- rich diets can reduce more fat tissues probably due to the high fat oxidation attribute of coconut milk.

The body’s secret to wellness.

If you have grown tired drinking the traditional milk drink and find coffee, tea and other beverages lacks the healthy boost your body need,  Golden Milk is the BEST healthy drink to quench not only your thirst but most significantly may have been that long lost health elixir to combat the body’s know ailments and diseases.  Why would you need to travel a couple of blocks away just to buy a tall glass of a commercial and adulterated drink when nature’s bounty can come so simple, non-dairy yet potent medicinal drink called Golden Milk which can easily be prepared right in the comfort of your home.

Advisory & Precaution:

The author and administrator of this website does not claim turmeric as a certified medical cure for any kind of ailments or diseases. The above article was based on published research and readings from both the medical and commercial sources. For added information on the findings by medical experts, please READ THIS science based material for guide and enlightenment.