Saturday, January 25, 2014

Vhong Navarro Mauled and Seriously Hurt!

Vhong Navarro's black and blue face
[image from abs cbn]

Actor, comedian, host Vhong Navarro was beaten by still unidentified maulers at a condo unit In Fort Bonifacio Taguig City last Wednesday, January 22, 2014.  According to the report issued by Vhong’s talent manager, Director Chito Roño, the actor was invited over to a condo unit at the Fort of an unnamed female friend.  And for unknown reasons, he was blindfolded, tied and was extorted with money by a group of unidentified men. Vhong was also further threatened by the men before leaving him in such condition.
Vhong wasn’t able to fully account what happened to him because of the serious injuries he sustained.  He might also be going to undergo an operation due to the said injuries. The actor was black and blue in his sustained injuries.

GMA Channel 7 however reported that in a blotter report filed at the Southern Police District in Bonifacio Global City.  An alleged complaint for ‘attempted rape’ was lodged by a woman against Vhong Navarro on the night of the mauling. The report said, the attempt was foiled due when two friends of the unidentified woman victim came to her rescue.  But the blotter further indicated the charges were dropped because the woman decided not to press charges against the celebrity. However, Vhong’s talent manager, Chito Roño cried foul over the inhuman treatment suffered by his talent and said justice must be given to what Vhong has suffered and the injuries he sustained. Vhong’s talent manager Chito Roño however denied existence and authenticity of the said blotter entry since the Chief of Police denied about the rape incident complaint.  He even expressed his concern as to how GMA got such report. GMA News Report on Vhong Navarro’s Mauling Incident below:

Navarro was currently recuperating under an undisclosed hospital and his home network, ABS CBN will update about his medical condition as soon as it becomes available.  Several alleged CCTV footages about the mauling incident has gone viral over Facebook but these CCTV captures have been proven to be fake and unreliable. His Showtime co-hosts were all sad about the incident and urged televiewers and fans of Vhong Navarro for his safe recovery.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Heart Evangelista on Marian Rivera: ‘We’re Not Friends’

[Marian Rivera-Heart Evangelista]
image from

Heart Evangelista was the lead star of GMA Channel 7’s new drama series Magkano Ba Ang Pag ibig?  In an interview by Mercy Lejarde of Tempo Entertainment, Heart expressed her opinion on the rumors that she was being paired as love interest with Dingdong Dantes in some of the network’s project.  Heart expressed that although she might like the idea but has doubt it will ever push through and told the reporter, heaven and earth has to move just to realize such project and laugh out the whole idea away. 
It turns out to that Heart is still no friend to Marian Rivera, Dingdong’s girlfriend.  She even revealed in the report that in all her past relationship her mother, Cecille Ongpauco never liked anyone among them. She even cited naming her past boyfriends from  Ian Dy of Isabela, as her first boyfriend then Jericho Rosales, then a certain Charlot (?), Daniel Matsunaga and finally Senator Chiz Escudero. But she expressed that “Pero ‘yung pagmamahal na ‘yun, ‘yun yung taong minahal mo noon hindi na siya ‘yung ngayon. Iba na, eh,” (‘But that love, that love you have to that person was now unlikely the person she have loved before”), she said. She even revealed in the report that in all her past relationship her mother, Cecille Ongpauco never liked anyone among them. She even cited naming her past boyfriends from  Ian Dy of Isabela, as her first boyfriend then Jericho Rosales, then a certain Charlot (?), Daniel Matsunaga and finally Senator Chiz Escudero.       
The feud that happened between her and Marian rooted during the shooting of Temptation Island last 2011 when she voiced out to Marian that she was ‘excited’ to work with Dingdong Dantes.  Marian suddenly got enraged and rushed to her hotel room and threatened her, “Papatayin ka ng mga fans ko!.” (‘You will be killed by my fans.”) Telling her twice. Because of such threat and for her own protection, she needed to tell what has happened to her parents and seek legal advice. In a statement released by her lawyer Archimedes Gonzales as reported by Boy Lopez of getitfromboy,net, Heart needed to seek the legal service of a lawyer to protect her in aid of clearing the matters on who was assailed and who was the assailant, Atty. Gonzales claimed his client, Heart Evangelista was the victim and further clearing the acts of Heart’s mother, Cecille Ongpauco assisted her daughter at the NAIA arrival area to protect her in lieu of the threats Heart has been experiencing during that time.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Bong Revilla Clears His Name Over Privilege Speech [VIDEO]

[Bong Revilla as Panday- photo from]

In the light of the billion of pesos Janet Lim Napoles has gotten from the Philippine government. Heads are now getting twisted and maybe rolling off soon.  And one of them comes from an individual fed and honedby Philippine showbiz.  Senator Bong Revilla’s star as the someone who played the great ‘Panday’ role along with the late and original ‘Panday,’ – Fernando Poe, Jr.’ and the epitome of modern day Robin Hood. ‘Nardong Putik’ of his own father’s famous character portrayal.
 In his privilege speech as an elected senator of the land, Sen. Bong Revilla, Jr. has to do better than any of his portrayed role in Philippine cinema.  Although, Filipinos are easily moved while watching movies.  Politics and governance have very thin lines that set them apart.  But people eventually will know what the truth is and what was just on a script.  Since paper trails and documents are very much different from movie scripts and cue cards.  The senator as part of his act presented toy truckloads of documents disproving the allegations. Viewers were amused and was entertained.  But the amusing smiles quickly faded realizing the seriousness of the act is now being played as a mockery of sorts.  Another tricky entertainment perhaps?
He cited that al his signatures were forged on alleged fund disbursements from Department of Budget (DBM) by the whistle blower Benhur Luy. Janet Lim Napoles (JNL)’s’sidekick in the scam. Senator Bong Revilla  denies all allegation of having known people linking him to the scam and that he swear innocence and was never a traitor in behalf of the 20 million people who voted him in the elections. Citing his credibility that there was never a case, not even one regarding anomalous transactions in his term as a public official.  He admitted he was so sadly overwhelmed with the alleged ‘dirty tricks’ going on inside politics than that of his world in showbiz. He lambasted on the government of playing it against him rather than concentrating on the bigger issues such as the thousands of dead bodies that was the result of the devastating typhoon Yolanda.  Senator Bong Revilla Jr. accuses the government and President Aquino on having been deprived of his basic rights and single him out with regards to the scam brought forth by Janet Lim Napoles and her cahoots.  Instead of disproving and citing more about the issue on his alleged involvement in the scam, he further centered his speech on the various government lapses and its failure to address the issues and questioning if Filipinos now have better lives than before?
 The Filipino people is now anxiously waiting for the climax on the case of Senator Bong Revilla. And hope the billions of pesos they’ve paid for was painstakingly worth it more than the cost of the indelible ink that now fades just like the luster of the brightness that transformed the ‘knife to a mighty sword’ of Flavio.  Watch the video footage of Senator Bong Revilla’s privilege speech in the senate as compiled by HERE

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pacquiao to Mayweather: A Gentleman’s Fight for Charity

[Manny Pacquiao & Floyd Mayweather, Jr. - image from]

In reply to Floyd Mayweather’s fight proposal parodies, Manny Pacquiao finally accepted the challenge and counter on condition that they fight for charity.  A true gentleman’s fight. “Forget the purse, Let’s fight for charity!”  The Filipino boxing hero rules out Mayweather’s parodies in assuming Pacquiao was only prolonging acceptance to Mayweather’s challenge just to gain more money at stake for his tax problems.

In an interview with Pacquiao said, “I’m not desperate to fight him just for the sake of money or material things,"  He further dared Mayweather to draft and sign a deal contract that both of them will not receive anything out of the fight and donate the proceeds to charity.  Pacquiao also expressed his agreement on any kind of random drug testing in aid of a clean fight.  Mayweather was aligned with the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) whereas Pacquiao has recently been tested under Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA) during his fight against Brandon Rios last November 2013.

Mayweather who is currently in South Africa continue to assail Pacquiao’s credibility while Pacquiao continue serving as a congressman of his region in Southern Philippines. On issues about his tax obligations, Pacquiao remains consistent that he was religiously paying his obligations and that the matter is now being settled by his lawyers. He however stressed that,.“I’m a lawmaker and I’m a law-abiding citizen."

And for Mayweather, Pacquiao has one final challenge, “Floyd, if you’re a real man, fight me, Let’s do it for the love of boxing and for the fans. Let’s do it not for the sake of money. Let’s make the boxing fans happy.  The only way he can avoid facing me in the ring is to retire from boxing.”

American Serena Williams Fall Over Ana Ivanovic of Serbia

[Serena Williams - photo from celeritynetworth]

American Top seed Serena Williams lost over Ana Ivanovic of Serbia.  Undefeated since August, coach Mouratoglou blame Serena’s lost to some back pain condition she almost gave up even before her match with Daniela Hantuchova. In a 6, 3, 3 completed matches, Ana’s convincing moves breached Serena’s domination in the prestigious Australian Open.  Williams has this to say after her defeat, "I don't want to blame anything, Williams said.”I feel like Ana deserves all the credit. I feel she played unbelievable today. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Yeng's New Haircut!

Yeng's new haircut- photo from her FB account]

Singer-songwriter Yeng Constantino is donning a new haircut.  Posted For her FB fans, Yeng shows off her new hair color and cut.  Yeng was a regular every Sunday on ABS CBN’s Sunday noon entertainment show ASAP.

Marian Rivera: Ang Pinakamagandang Babae Sa Mundong Ibabaw

Marian Rivera [photo from Marian's FB account]

‘Carmela’ was the title of Marian Rivera’s new primetime soap series in GMA Channel 7.  It will start airing on January 27 to coincide with ABS CBN’s launching of ‘The Legal Wife’ which stars rival Angel Locsin.  In the press conference of Carmela, Marian was overly so sexy in her white tube dress.  
Marian shows off how flawless and sexy she was and worthy to be called ‘the most beautiful girl in the face of the earth.’ Photographers feasted on Marian’s sheer beauty as she answered questions from the press.  
When asked how does she feel being rivalled against Angel Locsin now that both their primetime TV series are on the same time slot with the top rival networks of the country. She candidly said that they she and Angel does not have anything to do with the scheduling and it was all the work of the networks.  She said:“Nagtatrabaho lang kami. Saka para sa akin, wala akong kakumpitensiya.”
With regards to Anne Curtis being the new Dyesebel, Marian said she and Anne are in good terms and in fact they just had a pictorial with Rogue Magazine and they had a nice bonding time together.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Russian Daredevils: No Thanks. l'll just use the stairs on my way down!

We see a lot of guts and adrenalin rushing when we watch fast car drivers skid on a hairline edge and we wow on seeing dirt bikes mount and jump off a high altitude in a circus show.  But seeing these Russian kids climb and hang themselves on building structures made me vomit too like those who have earlier watched it.  I want to somehow say, “Ohhhh c’mon they were just kid stuff we also did before when we were young.’  But watching on them do their tricks made some pretty lots of Goosebumps I really cannot comprehend. This is not about ‘fearlessness.  This is plain and simple ‘insanity.'  BEWARE: Not for the weak hearted.  And kids these tricks are done by professionals and extremely dangerous for you!

In their website, they posted a disclaimer that tells:
“you better leave the site if you are under 88 years old, because here you can find materials that will lead to the aesthetic dissatisfaction or even injure your psyche.

Most of the stunts were filmed, produced and directed by Alex Stockley and Von Statzer. See why these are not videos to be watched by individuals below 88 years old:

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Angel Locsin Reveals She Still Has Feelings for Ex-Boyfriend Luis Manzano

Angel Locsin & Luis Manzano
[image from starcentralmagazine]

Yesterday, Wednesday Jan. 15, 2014 in the segment episode of ‘Ikaw Na!’ of Bandila newscast anchored by veteran entertainment host Boy Abunda, Angel Locsin categorically admitted she still has the feelings for ex-boyfriend Luis Manzano.  The old feeling that spark rekindles and ignite a long lost love.  Angel came to the show to promote his upcoming teleserye ‘Legal Wife’ which is about to start on January 27 primetime slot on ABS CBN Channel 2.
During the interview, host Boy Abunda noted to have noticed Luis Manzano on Angel’s dressing room.  Angel told Boy that Luis just passed by and said ‘hello.’  Boy then asked the big question of, “If Luis decided to pursue her again, will she be ready to accept Luis back into her life again?”
Angel’s initial reaction was that it was already in the past yet explained that she is not being hypocrite not to react to anything and relate that Luis came to their house last New Year’s day and a couple of visit followed afterwards and she thought they would feel aloof with each other but it turns out that the meeting rekindles and sparked an old feeling she had in the past.  Angel noted that both of them had been evading each other for 2 years. And although she had that feeling before of wanting to get even with Luis and hurt him bad but it all goes to nothing and realize she need not hide her feelings and be a hypocrite not to feel anything.  Angel’s revelation of his past feelings for her ex-boyfriend Luis Manzano was positively welcomed by their fans as well as those following her career.  Host Boy Abunda was equally delighted for the revelation and noted as he end his interview with Angel that one of those people who will be delighted with her revelation was Luis’ governor mom and the Star for all Season, Vilma SantosBoy wishes Angel well on her forthcoming drama series.  On her part, Angel is equally happy to note that it was a relief to overcome a feeling she has hidden unknowingly.  Watch the full interview HERE.

’Legal Wife’ is Angel’s comeback to TV teleserye after ‘Imortal’ which she did for ABS CBN Channel 2 last 2008 for which she was nominated for Best Drama Actress by Star Awards for TV.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Life Threatening Journey Just To Get To School

If you complain school is boring and nonsense.  Think again! Being able to get to school safe and sound is a bliss.  But not to these school children in the third world where all of them struggle the hard way just to get an education.

If you think these kids are leisurely playing, think again!  These children are doing these regular way just to be able to get to school.  Yes, there were no school buses nor cars and vehicles not even passable roads to get them to school safe and in one whole being piece.  Every school day, these kids travel from their home to the nearest possible school in the route and way that are ‘available’ so that they can attend school and pursue their dream of a better life and future.  But what ‘bright future’ do you think they face if the road towards the learning institution that will serve as their seat of learning can only be traveled in a much perilous way.

In the Philippines, where flood and raging waters brought by the year-long typhoons and heavy rains are a regular thing.  School children crossed the raging currents of high flood waters on tire tubes and lucky they maybe if they come to class in dry school clothes and uniforms.

In Vietnam, children swim across the water current and don’t mind about the dangers of being swept away just so they can get to school and study.

In Indonesia, school children knows nothing about the safety a seat belt brings if most of them can be seen hanging and or seating, if there are any seat available in some sort of carriage that will not even pass as a vehicle and without any safety harness or anything whatsoever just to get on school and learn.

Also in Indonesia, in Sanghiang Tanjung village, school children hang onto the rope of a collapsed hanging bridge and crawl across a muddy raging river just to save time and be on time to the school class which will aid them to gain more learnings.

In Colombia, the trek is not on the land and winding roads but way up hundreds of feet above a river or treacherous marshland on an unsafe zip line that hung on a tree branch to another tree 430 yards across. Japan’s fastest bullet train is a near match on speed yet the danger is unparalleled compared to the former.

And finally, in Shuafat Refugee Camp, Jerusalem, children are caught on crossfire between the fighting of the Palestinian rebels against the Israeli military.

Education to many of us is an engine and way to have a better life and future.  But for school children in the third world countries it is a life threatening struggle to be able to catch and quench their hunger for knowledge.

So the next time you complained about how school is boring and dull. Think back and consider how fortunate you are not on the situation on any of the school children in the above conditions.  Appreciate and thank more.