Monday, June 16, 2014

Schumacher Out of Coma Transferred to Recover in Switzerland

[Grenoble Hospital in France, left Schumacher, middle, Lausanne Hospital in Switzerland, right]

Today, Monday, June 16, 2014 - Family, friends and fans of F1 legend Michael Schumacher rejoices as news of recovery from coma by the famous race car driver spreads. Michael has left the Grenoble Hospital in La Tronche, southeast of France to resume full rehabilitation outside of the public’s prying eyes. Michael’s family, doctors, nurses and staff have extended their appreciation to all the people all over the world who have prayed and wished his well-being since the fatal skiing accident that happened late December of 2013 just a few days before his 45th birthday last January 3, 2014. Michael has been in long induced coma after he was airlifted and rushed to the emergency of Grenoble University Hospital. Michael regained consciousness last April but needed to still be under sedation as per his doctors diagnosis and further observation. Michael will recover and recuperate at the Lausanne University Hospital called the ‘CHUV’ which is nearer his family’s Swiss residence.

Although the statement given by Sabine Kehm, Michael’s manager shortly after the legendary F1 driver had left the Grenoble University Hospital did not give any further details on Michael ’s medical condition. Kehm was quoted saying that Schumacher would ‘continue his long phase of rehabilitation.’  With such statement, some could only speculate the long term side effects of his injury therefore taking longer rehabilitation. But since Michael was an athlete and in top shape, a few good months would probably a good recovery period. Around the world, colleagues, friends and fans have posted well wishes for the fast recovery of the 7-time F1 Champion. Doctors and experts hail the move of Michael’s transfer to a facility near his home as this will speed up the recovery portion with family support as much as possible.  Ever since the accident, Michael’s family kept on constant vigil by his bedside in the hospital.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Lady Gaga Joins Year of the Nipples Bare Hers on Busy NY Streets

[Lady Gaga – photo grab from]

Guess who’s joinin’ the list? Well if you haven’t heard much about Lady Gaga these days.  It is because Ms Poker Face is up to somethin.’ The Poker Face pop singer did some pup strollin’ around the busy street of New York with her new French bulldog Asia. Clad in her see-thru black organza outfit matched with a see thru bra and a heavily ornate silver necklace to draw more emphasize about her bared nipples, Lady Gaga now officially joins the list of the 2014 year of the nipples. Busy New Yorkers took glances with some even have that odd reaction on Lady Gaga’s always daring outfit.  The looks on the faces of those people encountered by Ms Poker Face seemed to be of mixed reactions but more on being entertained with the singer’s new nude fashion sense. 
[Lady Gaga – photo grab from]

Last month, Lady Gaga was also seen by reporters in Winnipeg wearing only a long plaid trouser matched with a sunglass and a pair of high heeled ankle boots struggling to walk around her pup Asia just hours after the Artpop Ball concert. Lady Gaga’s adopted puppy was everywhere in her Instagram account. Asia was with her when she went surfing on the sea just last week. In one photo, Asia was atop a surfboard with Gaga on it too. Lady Gaga adores this new pooch which she adopted last March this year and loves roamin’ around with her.
As netizens feast on Rihanna’s almost naked gown that bared almost everything at the CFDA event last week, it is now Lady Gaga’s turn to bare hers. Did Lady Gaga post too on her Instagram account? Will Mark Zuckerberg also close her account? Who will be the next sensation joining the nipple baring feast? Ask Lady Gaga’s newly adopted pup Asia, she might know the answer since she was with her most of the time and slept with her in her bedroom.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Queen Elizabeth II is All for Protection of the Philippines

[Queen Elzabeth II - photo grab from the telegraph]
Queen Elizabeth II expressed her concern over the protection of the Philippines amid conflicting territorial water rights with China.  The 88-year old queen in a speech delivered during a dinner at the Elysee presidential palace in Paris, France with French President Francois Hollande as host expressed her concern over the protection of the Philippines amid conflicting territorial water rights with China. The event graced by the queen commemorates the 70th anniversary of the World War II event on the landings of the Allied Forces in Normandy as the Philippines marked its 116th year of independence.
The Allied forces which have shown its strength during World War II was again reinforcing to protect the Philippines amid impending chaos.  The Allies consists of France, Poland and Great Britain with soon to be joined by the British Commonwealth.  The Allies were the group that initiated the convention of the now United Nations in 1945 for which China was a member.

China’s claim over territorial waters with the Philippines and some other Asian nations who has concern over the west Philippine Sea boundaries.  Recent satellite images captured China building some structures over the disputed waters prompting the Philippines and other claimant nations to express disagreement over China’s advances. Despite the moves by China, the Philippines and other claimant nations remain calm and resort to remedy their issues by filing claims to the UN. But China seems to keep on ignoring the proper channel and keep on its violations prompting the international community to recognize the urgency of protecting the Philippines along with the Allies’ common goal of unification.  The United States which still have naval bases in the Philippines initially affirmed its alliance with the Philippines and assurance as its long-time ally during president Barrack Obama’s visit last April 29.  During World War II when China was attacked by Japan, the United Nations initiated sanctions to Japan as the US turned to support China.  With the territorial water disputes over the West Philippine Seas and the Allied Forces joining the United States in condemning the acts of China over the disputed waters, it is now left to China what will be the next move to resolve the issue amicably. The world now awaits China’s reaction.

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Philippine’s 3 Senate Musketeers Ready for the Jail Homerun

[Senators Jinggoy Estrada, Bong Revilla and JuanPonce Enrile shares a lighter side at the senate / photo grab from]

After the again so amusing privilege speech of Sen. Bong Revilla yesterday, Monday, June 9, newspaper headline rally anew to probe on the fate of the Philippine’s 3 senate musketeers.  And just like the legendary tale of ‘All for one and one for all.’ battle cry, the three senators who was the subject of the plunder case for funnelling out government funds into their own pockets are now on their homerun stretch to the jail. But all three expressed readiness for their arrest and does not show fear nor remorse since they all claim that the case will not stand in the court and they will be eventually have their justice served. Revilla even made his recent privilege speech something to be feast upon with memes on the social network forums.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sharapova Wins Her 2nd French Open Title

[Maria Sharapova - photo grab from]

Russia's pretty tennis pro, Maria Sharapova beats 22 year-old Romanian Simona Halep. Sharapova's win was passionately won in a three spellbinding set many claimed as Sharapova's art of passionate tennis play that only she can conquer and finish with the winning score of  6-4, 6-7, 6-4.  Towards the end and as the crowd chants Simona's name to accord her for her fighting spirit, her eyes welled up with tears. But it was Sharapova's winning moment and Halep has to accept defeat with grace and honor. Halep was the first to reach the finals since her manager Viginia Rucizi also lost to Chris Evert 34 years ago. Halep settled as the world's Number 4 in the world of Women's Tennis having beaten also by Serena Williams last year. On her side, Sharapova still congratulates Halep and told. "You've had an unbelievable two weeks, Simona.  I’m so emotional right now I don’t know what language to speak, English, French, Russian. But to be able to have the chance to stand on this stage two years is incredible for me.”

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Instagram at Rihanna: Show some sense of worth!

[Rihanna at CFDA  in the body revealing see-thru gown. Image from dailymail]
Rihanna’s instagram account was censored off by Instagram for flaunting her pornos.  Instagram through its owner Mark Zuckerberg who also owns Facebook has banned singer Rihanna for blatantly posting her explicit images from her Liu Magazine layout.  The banning was initiated with repeated warnings but was ignored. She instead continued to post more of her nude photos, prompting the sanction to be administered at lunchtime last Monday June 2, 2014. It was also last Monday that Riri appeared at the CFDA Awards in New York in a completely sheer and almost naked ensemble. The dress made for her by Fashion Designer Adam Selman.  In an interview by, the designer describe the ensemble to be just fishnet, crystals and fingers crossed. The translucent mesh dress which took about 230,000 Swarovski crystals was worn by Riri with a matching head scarf and gloves, a pink fur stole and just a nude thong underneath. Selman admitted it was definitely their idea to make it a ‘little bit scandalous while stylist Mel Ottenberg noted that at least eight people have worked painstakingly to put on the finishing touches.

In a revelation from tells the sheer dress was Rihanna’s sort of revenge dressing to show off singer-rapper Drake whose relationship with Rihanna has just recently broken up.  But Drake’s reaction was some comment that Riri loves to shock people with her pretty extreme ensemble.