Sunday, December 25, 2016

Does Baby Bump Size Matters?

After finding you are pregnant and during your regular visit to your doctor, this might be a term the doctor will tell you after measuring and sizing up your belly.  The baby inside you is small for dates.’ This can upset and make you worry.   Many pregnant women particularly first timers would be so conscious in observing how their bumps grow.  It was a natural feeling and observation that many pregnant mothers go into this phase.  Many are so eager and excitedly overwhelmed to see their bump grows and feel secured that their baby is really growing inside.  In fact many excited mothers would sport and capture every moments with their baby bumps.  By going into baby bump progression photoshoots, these women would like to immortalize every growth that was happening not only to their body but most especially to the thriving life inside their belly bump. 

But should you be alarmed if you see just a small bump in your belly?  Will the shape of your bump depend on how much nutrition and food you eat to nourish your baby? Or maybe it was because you have a thin body and slender body that your baby bump was likewise sexy? Maybe it’s something to do with the genes, the hormones, the chromosomes, a birth defect etc. etc. etc…

Stop, before you think further more! You’ll just tire yourself thinking about illogical things.  

The fact is that the size of your bump will in no way indicate your baby’s specific health condition. Do remember that babies come in varied sizes and no one, not even your doctor can predict how exactly big or small they will be once they come out of your womb.   Below are some pointers on the different myths that some people will say about your baby bump.  You might want to ponder in order to understand as you observe and relate it to your experience as you grow that little bundle of joy inside your bump. 

MYTH#1:  Low bumps are prone to miscarriages and early deliveries.

FACT:  Do remember that pregnancy bumps will only reveal itself in your body once you are on your second trimester.  This is largely due to the fact that the uterus is most likely hidden behind a woman’s pubic bone.  A bump appearing during this pregnancy phase can sometimes be construed as the bloating usually that usually appears during early pregnancies.  It can also happen to women due to the laxity of their ab muscles from a previous recent pregnancy term.
MYTH #2:  Carrying position can tell the sex of your baby. Some people believed that if the mother’s belly is positioned high, it was a baby girl she carries, otherwise the opposite low positioning of the mother’s belly indicate a baby boy inside.

FACT:  Muscle flexibility, body anatomy and symmetry are most likely the reason why pregnant women carry their baby high or low.  But it was a good indicator that pregnant women especially in the early terms of their pregnancy carry their belly high for good and safe positioning.  But if a woman has a slender or tall anatomy, they normally have narrow pregnant bellies. In contrast, shorter women project their baby bump wider due to their symmetry.
MYTH  #3:  Linea nigra indicates the gender of your baby.

FACT:  Linea nigra is that vertical dark color line that appears running up your belly.  It normally appears to dark skinned pregnant women as a result of the changes happening in her hormones. But such line will eventually disappear and fade after pregnancy.
MYTH #4:  The protruding belly button indicates weight and gender of the baby.

FACT:    Pregnancy involves a lot of changes in a woman’s body.  And during your term, your body adjust to the growing life inside you. You gain weight due to the nourishment you and your baby need.  Fluids will also retain in your body particularly in your belly area. And as your uterus expands, your belly button likewise adjusts and protrudes.  Thus your innie belly button turns into an outie. For first timers, they will most likely to have a tight belly whereas succeeding pregnancies will turn the belly muscles more lax for bigger belly pregnancies and the baby to have with much space to move and spread.  Belly sizes also adjust more for women carrying multiple babies in their womb.  Thus, size and shape are not really accurate indicator of the baby’s weight, gender or sex.  It is therefore an old adage and a misconception that, ‘Bigger baby bumps denote big baby inside.’

MYTH #5:  Shape can indicate gender of baby.  The old adage goes something like this:  Baby bump that shapes more like a watermelon indicates the baby was a girl, whereas a bump that resembles like the shape of a basketball was a boy.  Again, there are several reasons that rule out the shape of your baby bump.  Muscles and skin in a mother’s belly generally follow the shape of the fetus inside.  Our body anatomy plays a great role in shaping our muscles, flesh and tissues.  During pregnancy, a woman’s body greatly adjust to the growing fetus inside the womb.  And aside from the fetus, hormonal changes, along with the needed sustenance of fluid, substances and nutrients took toll in shaping the flesh, muscles, tissues and bones in the belly area.  Over the term of a woman’s pregnancy, these were the most likely determinants that can make the baby bump take it shape and not because of the baby’s gender.

MYTH #6:  Positioning can tell the sex of the baby.  The old adage goes something like this:  If a pregnant woman carries her baby high, the baby inside is a girl, otherwise, a low baby bump indicates a baby boy inside.

FACT:  Again, anatomy, muscle laxity and tissue build up as well as body symmetry plays a major role on how the baby bump will be carried by a pregnant woman.  Usually, taller women projects narrow-like bellies whereas, the bellies of shorter pregnant women tend to look and carry their baby bump narrower in symmetry.

The joy of having your precious one.
There are a wide array of myths and beliefs about baby bumps and those relating with pregnancies.  Some are really so funny and ridiculous just to hear about them but the best thing was that these myths seemed to be more of celebrating the excitement brought by pregnancy and the joy of the celebrating the coming of your very precious one.  That baby bump was a proof of your being a complete woman and one of your foremost purposes here on earth.  Having a baby is a woman’s fate and destiny.  Developing and carrying a bump in your belly that thrives, breathe and feels is the most ecstatic experience of all.  Many have tried having one but only a few were chosen.  That baby bump was something to celebrate for and must be proudly shown and flaunted for it was an achievement and privilege to carry a life in this world. The size of how your belly have become during the term of your pregnancy was just a welcome change that mothers like you is more than willing to undergo in order to give the needed space to the most important one thriving in your womb.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Hypnobirthing: Empowering the Childbirth Experience

Childbirth was a woman’s greatest fear!

The thought of death during delivery was due to the fact that many women have died while giving birth or that they worry that their child will suffer pain during the process.  Well, what kind of mother are you if you do not worry about how your child will survive the ordeal?  If by history and fact you knew in your mind that many women have died giving birth, how would you think will it be for your beloved child that you are about to bring to this world?  How do you keep such ill thoughts out of your mind? Of all the birth techniques and methods introduced to women during the childbirth process, Hypnobirthing has been the most fascinating childbirth experience that most women who were administered with the method have that safe, most peaceful and easy child delivery.

Hypnobirthing to most women who have undergone the method does not only highlight the important role in bringing out a child in this world.  Remember that childbirth is a milestone in your life that many women are NOT capable of.  Hypnobirthing will significantly help boost your strength and confidence in bringing out a life that will complete your essence as a woman and a mother.  Hypnobirthing will teach you to naturally harness your instincts and empower you as a woman in bringing out the most precious one in your life, your child
Hey Mommy!
Pregnant?  Are you expecting?
Is childbirth a scary thing?
Do you imagine yourself birthing and delivery like those mothers freaking and shrieking at the sight of those anesthetic needles? Do you worry you will be screaming due to painful contractions during delivery?
Worry no more! There’s nothing to be afraid of for childbirth need not be as painful and dreadful as how you have envisioned it. In fact, childbirth really was supposed to be a joyful celebration and the beginning of your nurturing love and affection to your most precious child. And to carry out this significant milestone in your life, Healthtree would like to be with you as you journey through the path of bringing your most precious one into this world.  Healthtree will be your partner in learning more about peaceful and easy birthing techniques and methods.
Allow us to introduce to you the way on how to achieve a peaceful and easy childbirth method called Hypnobirthing.
The dawning of easy and less fearful childbirth.
In the 1920s, English obstetrician Dr. Grantly Dick-Read, after careful observation of women giving birth theorized that there was really no such thing as childbirth pain during delivery of a child by a woman. For Dr. Dick-Read it was basically just a cycle of manageable fear, tension and pain a woman can handle given the right motivation and self empowerment.  Dr. Dick-Read later termed this fear as the Fear-tension-pain Syndrome. Picking up from the lessons and learnings of Dr. Grantly Dick-Read was Dr. Michelle Leclaire O'Neill who introduced Hypnobirthing in 1987. Another practitioner and supporter of Dr. Dick-Read’s theories was Marie Mongan who developed and popularized her own version of Hypnobirthing technique based on her own worriless pain childbirth experience. And since then, the practice was blown into proportion and quickly spread in the four corners of the world.
Popular Childbirth Fears
Through time and history on the experience of childbirthing process, the long rhetorics on the cycle of fear and pain are two of the most popular factors highly associated with mothers during childbirth. Below are some of the most popular dilemma of mothers during childbirth.
Fear-tension-pain Syndrome of Childbirth.   A phenomenon theorized by English obstetrician Dr. Grantly Dick-Read in the 1920s upon observation  that the fear in giving birth creates tension to a woman that increases the childbirth pain cycle making the birth canal dysfunctional eventually obstructing what he believed as a naturally smooth and manageable process of child birthing. Some of the other popular factors that give rise to the fear a woman may experience during childbirth are listed below:
Fear of death.  Due to the long history of deaths relating to childbirth, it became almost synonymous to death of either the mother or the child creating that fear syndrome around it.
Fear of anesthetics malfunction.  More than 50% of women giving birth in a medical facility are given epidural anesthesia to manage contraction pains during labor.  Like any other aesthetics, epidurals are designed to block certain nerve impulses causing numbness from the lower spinal portion in the lower part of the body.  The worst fear of malfunction in the effect of epidural making the body paralyzed was a highly thought factor for most women in labor.
Fear of genital tearing.  The thought of having an unbecoming episiotomy after delivery was a worrying fear by woman after childbirth. For these women, the thought of the unbecoming appearance of what’s down there matters and less pleasing to their husband or partner.    
Fear of humiliation.  Disgusting things like pooping, peeing, puking and oozing blood might occur but they simply are just but part of the tension and pressures being undergone by a woman giving birth. Vanity need not be strictly observed and can be manageably handled during such situations.
To overcome these dilemma, mothers must learn how to properly handle their fear factors for the sake of the child to come into this world in a calm and less painful delivery.
Harnessing your Inner Strength.
In today’s modern application of natural birthing, Hypnobirthing was a proven and efficient childbirth program developed to teach lessons about the correct and proper way of relaxing, breathing and visualizing for a safe, comfortable and easy birth. Harnessing your inner strength to overcome the fear and pain was the key to experience an empowered childbirth experience. Hypnobirthing uses the following integrated techniques in the program to efficiently carry out the process of birthing and overcome those childbirth woes and harnessing your strengths in achieving a safe, peaceful and easy delivery.
Your body.  As a woman, do remember that your body was designed to give birth. You must know by now that you have successfully grown a child in your womb and miraculously carry it for several months. So, if your body allow its growth, your body definitely knows how to bring it out and give you your little bundle of joy. As theorized by Dr. Dick-Read, the fear that can be felt can be harnessed to filter the blood away from the uterus which can be used by the muscles to escape from dangerous instances within.  This will in turn deplete the uterus without oxygen making it pain free. Simply put, if you will be able to get rid of your fear, the uterus can function normally without the risk of pain.  It is therefore essential that you focus on how your body functions during childbirth
Deep Breathing Techniques.  One way to relax the muscles was to take deep breaths. In Hypnobirthing, you will be able to learn the correct way and techniques of taking deep breaths that releases tensions from the uterus allowing you to manage your stress and pain during the birth process.  It is essential to observe your breathing patterns to manage better oxygen supply for you and your baby.  Ample abdominal breathings will help you cope with the pressure of sensations felt during the surges.
Family Role. Hypnobirthing was a family centered program. It encourages and allow the husband or an immediate family member as your birthing partner during the process.  The role of the birthing partner was integrated into the Hypnobirthing program.  It can significantly bring the feeling of security to calm you during the process.
Childbirth Hypnosis. Often misconstrued as hypnosis mantras but they were not and are actually self-motivational phrases of positivism called ‘birth affirmations’ meant to make you relax, stay calm and visualize positive inspirations that can help you manage the fear and pain associated with childbirth.
Birth Affirmations. These are motivational insights or phrases used in Hypnobirthing as an aid to inspire positivism and help you to manage the pain and fear. An ideal birth affirmation must be composed using mindful and positive words and phrases that resonates your being to help you ease your physical, mental and emotional faculties during childbirth. You may even close your eyes to achieve a more meditative or concentrative state. Below was an example of a short birth affirmation:

“I am a woman of strength and courage.
I can feel the overwhelming love of the people around me
With these overflowing love around us
Me and my baby deserve a safe and peaceful birthing experience.”


Every day, babies are born in every corner of the world and Hypnobirthing has gained increasing popularity and chosen by millions of birthing women due to its most ideal way of bringing babies into this world. Not only does Hypnobirthing offers the safest, peaceful and easier childbirth program but essentially highlights the woman’s most important role of bringing a human life into this world.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hydroponics: The Future of Food Sustainability
[image from growgreengarden]

There is an ongoing battle the world now faces - Hunger!

It is a fact that the world is getting more and more less sustainable with food. And food is becoming scarce in a very alarming way. Below are some of the major issues why food is getting scarce.

Extreme global climate change.
Climate change was a major component in growing food produce.  But due to the extreme changing patterns of summer droughts, heat waves, biblical-like flooding as well as extreme winter snaps, global food production was significantly altered and challenged in a very alarming scale.

Worker bees gone into hiding.  
Bees has been the plants  greatest ally in terms of multiplying its specie. But over a few decades ago, bee colonies collapsed at a very alarming population on several parts of the world. 90% of the world's commercial produce greatly rely on natural open pollination carried out by honey bees to bear flowers and fruits.

More mouths to feed, less food to eat.
More people less food to eat. World demography reveals that there are currently around 7.4 billion living human beings that needs to eat and sustain life on Earth. This was just the total number of living humans, one of Earth's inhabitants. Other beings that Mother Nature sustains with food from its bounty were the animals, domesticated and not as well as other living creatures in land, air and water.  

The diminishing greener pastures.
Another aspect that contributed to the threat of food scarcity on Earth was the now diminishing arable space to grow plants that provide food for sustenance for all living creatures. In the past 4 decades, experts have scientifically calculated that the arable land and spaces that used to grow crops and produce as food  have significantly diminished by 33% or a third of the world's land area used in growing plants for food.

A new kind of farming.
The era of industrialization and commercialism have initiated a new kind of farming other than plant production for sustenance for the living. Instead of plants, people are building structures and edifices to house their offices, industrial, manufacturing and commercial plants. And with the sudden influx of people in the cities and places where these structures are located, mass housing and urbanization structures added up to make way for this new kind of farming called urbanization. And soon enough, the rapid urbanization have claimed an immense portion of the arable land that was converted to answer for the rapid growth that changed much of the Earth's habitation, living condition, culture and lifestyle. According to forecasts made by some UN experts, by the year 2030 almost 5 billion people will live in these urban areas. That's a whopping more than half of the current world population!

We're not even in the 21st century yet hunger and food shortage was being felt by people in every nation and corner of the world. The need for ways on how to complement food production to feed the human mouth was highly being developed. One competent way to answer for food production particularly for the urban sector was the introduction of a plant growing system called Hydroponics.

Why hydroponics?
Hydroponics pertains to a system of growing plants and produce using nutrient-treated water as medium to grow plants instead of land or soil. And since the system thrive on water in a portable reservoir such as the likes of aquariums and other water laden vessels. Compared to the traditional way of growing plants on gardens and land plots, hydroponics require only vessels or containers that are kept damp and wet to sustain the plant in a temperature controlled environment such as housing units in a building or small spaces or corners within the house, building or spaces where water can be easily accessible to aid the plants to grow and yield. It's like having your own garden of food sustaining plants right in the comfort of your house or room.

Soil vs water Grown Plants: What's the Catch?
Whenever we think of a garden, we normally picture in our minds about plants growing on plots, pots and patches of soil. But many are gaining confidence in growing plants using  water as a growing medium mainly due to numerous benefits. So, what's the catch having this aquatic garden instead of soil-based growing gardens?

Space saver. Hydroponic gardens uses very minimal space compared to conventional soil gardens. This garden system was very ideal for homes and places with limited grounds and soil to plant with. Ideally fit urban and city dwellers living on condo or studio-type units as well as little corners or spaces.

Unlimited crop season. Crop limitation is never a thing since soil is not a medium , you therefore need not assess which type of soil, to be considered a and can be well managed without never thinking which type, condition or  of soil
Less messy.  Since the medium to grow the plant is not dirt based, growing and weaning the plants will not be that messy and dirty. 
More economical. Water system grown plants uses less water since only proportional parts of water will be used. And since water can be recycled over and over again as growing medium, the system was very advantageous and ideal especially to drought stricken places as well as growing gardens on deserts and arid places.
No weeding needed. Goodbye to those eyesore weeds growing and stealing nutrients from your plants. You need not anymore kneel and crawl through each shrubs and plots and get yourself dirty all over. 
Less pesky pests and insects. Ground soil was home and haven to most annoying pests and insects that hazards the growth of the plants. With water to grow the plants, pests and insects were soignificantly reduced.
The balance of life.
Plants, humans and other animal species creates the balance of life here on Earth. We hold the key to the yin and yang of nature. Each creature represents a symbiotic relationship that provide balance to the ecological system of our only known home - the Earth. Mother Nature nurture us all with nourishing plants from its bounty. It is up to us all to balance and stop the abuse before plants run out and food is gone for good. Hydroponics can be that great system to sustain our food now, tomorrow and the future. Let us not waste this technological opportunity and feed the hungry before food gets scarce and left us all hungry!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Empowering Life With Creative Visualization

Your mind was the biggest storage of all the visuals on Earth! 

Bigger and larger than Hollywood, Bollywood,Cannes and even Oscars. Complete with all the colors, hues and designs more than those creations paraded on any ramps,billboards and festivals.Visuals are real life and moving actions every time. Your mind was your very own exclusive cinema and movie house.  Your visions was privately previewing and showing you scenes the way you wanted it to be. Inside, you are can be anybody you wanted to be. All it takes will be a little creative visualization and walla!  You've created a whole new world and concept out of your own creative mind.  

But just as how immense to collect all the movies and films from all the entertainment capitals of the world, your own world of creative visions was just as enormous and even more. Although there are so many avenues to weave creative visualization, Allow us to demystify and unshelve some part of this natural cinema in our minds.

What is creative visualization?

Creative visualization is the process of enriching one's imagination out of one's knowledge and experiences and creating a whole new concept, ideas and imagery out of it. It's basically like creating your own movie where you act as its director, actor and production staff rolled into one. But don't you want to empower your mind and make your creations come to life and share it for others to see and experience?

How can creative visualization comes to life? Although sky is the limit and everything is up to your creativity. In order to switch and turn on this personal theater in your mind and make it possible, you need to be guided by these essentials.

Essentials for Creative Visualization:

Envision a goal. Visualization is all about creation and in order to shape it you need to be driven by a goal and purpose to invoke how it will shape and look like.
Draw and sketch its form. With the thought in your mind, carefully fill it with things in your thoughts that will integrate and form its visuals and aesthetics. 

Keep your focus on it. Focus is essential at all time to be able to achieve the desired visual.

Empower your vision.  Let your inspiration ripple. Set it free and keep it lively and alive.  It is through empowerment that your vision can inspire and set it alive for as long as it can. Make your visuals ridiculously amazing for it to generate its own powers and desired by those inspired by it. Don't let your precious thoughts get to waste! Cherish it before it flows to waste and gone for good.

Creative visualization  was what you've created it in your mind and was all what you have desired to perfection. Once developed, creative visualization can be your most powerful in life. It can inspire, motivate and guide people as they journey through life. Coupled with hard work,the right tools and an ideal team sharing the same passion can even change how the world works. But remember, in the end after all the challenges,appreciation and rewards were a welcome treat for all the hard work!   

Friday, October 14, 2016

Ride Like the Wind with BMW Mottorrad Vision Next 100

The challenge of the 21st century is on!

And BMW has taken the challenge with the introduction on one of its newest motorcycle technology.  Introducing the BMWMottorad Visio Next 100! The future of motorcycle riding experience in an amazing concept of technology and the joy of making life a ride like the wind on digital ease captured on human’s most natural instincts.  Incredibly explore the joy of riding on a 360° dynamics and maneuvers.  Motoring was never this wonderful until the BMW MottoradVisio Next 100! Let us further unmask this newest digital motoring craze for you and be the judge on its awesome features.

The story of a bionic vision.

BMW envisions the future with bionic riders.  Aside from its advanced self-balancing feature, it offers the concept where the bikers’ suit and visor can be integrated into one and act as the rider’s helmet yet experience the same essential safety functions of a must motoring gear.   Yes, the new BMW Mottorrad Vision Next 100 can let you safely travel even without the old-fashioned helmet as protection gear.  With the technology integrated unto the BMW riding suit and visors, the rider will be able to maneuver and control travel experiences. The virtual reality ready suit and visor has enabled gaze-tracking control of its UI and can even virtually project road tracks and angles to help you easily plan and maneuver what lies ahead your road travels.   BMW envisioned that the suit itself can be one virtual motoring maneuver support to the rider. But this is but just a part of the entire BMW bionic motoring vision.  BMW motoring visions has more.

Fall in love with motoring geometries.

They say the motorcycle is every rider’s lover.  They go a long way with each other as far as they want to be.  They embrace each other for the longest time.  They are together through thick and thin. Their romance is endless and eternal.  The design of the BMW Mottorrad Vision Next 100 levels up from the old fashioned joints and bearings to the digitized body dynamics of the ergonomic flexframe technology.  Power steer maneuvers will never be the same again. The relaxed power in the handlebars can steer away and change directions and paths effortless and with easy glides.  It’s as if you are falling in love and romancing with your bike over and over again through smooth maneuvering.  More like how you glide and ride with the wind.

Safety lies on virtual intelligence.   

Old fashioned headgears are no safety match in terms of the BMW Mottorrad Vision Next 100 built in virtual intelligence.  There is no way you can fall not even needing a foot lean on abrupt stopping or travel interruptions.  The BMW Mottorrad Vision Next 100 ensures no rider or bike need to crash with its gyroscopes, advanced traction control, antilock brakes and hill start assist.  There is hardly ever any chance for you to compromise safety and fatal crash on two wheels.

See beyond with virtually intelligent Goggles.

The road ahead can be difficult and perilous. But with the BMW Mottorrad Vision Next 100 Goggles, see beyond what your eyes can see by communicating and navigating through its head-up display showing you information on the road for ideal paths and road angles for a worriless route options and directions.  It is easy to sync apps with your other digital gadgets to offer you more technology options.

Intelligent options for your great escape.

Adding to your travel and route option was the view in the tank banks of your needed map routes in glowing blue lights the positions and directions of your great escape. Watch and envision yourself with the new the BMW Mottorrad Vision Next 100 and ride like the wind in its futuristic appeal.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Golden Milk & the Secret of Life’s 24-Karat Elixir

The milk we knew.

Golden Milk is not the milk we knew in our childhood. Ever since we were born, we are used to know and picture milk in our minds as that pure immaculate white drink that nourishes us. The milk we knew was the one that comes from animals like cows, yak, and goats. As part of the nutrition food group standard or the basic food group introduced in 1974 by food boards as the ideal foods that are cheap yet highly nutritious , milk has since then become a vital and important source of vitamins and nutrients our body need.   This standard was however further enhanced to open other alternatives and food substitutes that are equally cheap and highly nutritious for everyone to be healthy and well.
While many indulge in drinking a cup of tea or coffee while relaxing before they go to bed and call it a day.  And drinking milk as we’ve grown and used to when we’re still young even before we discover caffeine indulgence later on in our lives. Now that we were all grown up and adults, milk indulgence are never too late especially if the milk we will drink will not only satisfy our indulgence but more about giving us great health benefits our body needs. And the one best milk sustenance around need not necessarily come from other animals. That there is that option about natural and organic milk indulgence that simply offers goodness and wellness our body needs.   It is called Golden Milk.


Golden Milk?

Yes, golden milk was that best milk drink that is all natural, organic and incomparable in terms of great health benefits than any other milk drink available. Golden milk comprises most of nature’s finest bounty.
Turmeric has a golden yellow color due to its prime active component called curcumin which when mixed with coconut, soy or almond milk resembles to appear golden or gold in color and is probably the reason why it got its name.  And since turmeric belongs to the root family of rhizomes which was extracted from the ground it has also been recognized as a golden nugget due to the many health benefits it brings.

The magic mix.

To make you experience the amazing effect of this life giving elixir, below is how easy it is to prepare a single serving dose of this magical mix drink.
1 teaspoon organic coconut oil
¼ teaspoon turmeric paste (Turmeric Paste is the concentrated version of the ready to mix turmeric.  Prepared by combining and cooking in a pan 1 cup of water with ½ cup of organic turmeric powder, 1 & ½ teaspoons black pepper and 5 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil. Constantly stir the mixture for about 6 to 10 minutes until the paste consistency was met.  Cool and use for your golden drink indulgence.)
1 cup almond milk
Raw and unfiltered organic honey for taste
Combine and mix all ingredients except honey over medium heat but do not allow the mixture to boil. Allow to cool.  Add honey once cool enough to drink.

Why Golden Milk is the Body’s Health Elixir

One factor on the amazing health benefits of golden milk include therapeutic wonders from its prime ingredient turmeric, which contains active polyphenol agent that lowers blood sugar levels. It can do amazing healing wonders on lung and liver diseases, neurological diseases, metabolic diseases, autoimmune disorders, inflammatory illnesses and cardiovascular diseases.  Turmeric is also a well-known proven antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer inhibitors. But not only that, just imagine these other known important health benefits of turmeric as published in the Natural Product Reports of 2011:

ü  Inhibit production of healthy cholesterol in the bodt.
ü  Help in increasing the production of platelets
ü  Prevents thrombosis as well as myocardial  infraction.
ü  Prevent symptoms and occurrence of multiple sclerosis
ü  Prevent progression of Alzheimer’s disease.
ü  Prevent HIV progression.
ü  Stop the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis from advancing.
ü  Help in prevention of symptoms related with Type 2 Diabetes.
ü  Prevent tumor progression
ü  Promote digestive health.
ü  Help in protection against cataracts.
ü  Improves wound healing.
ü  Improve bile secretion function.
ü  Guard and serve to protect against liver damages.
ü  Help protect the body from pulmonary toxicity and fibrosis.

Another highly important health component of Golden Milk is the natural goodness of coconut milk. We all know that the coconut tree is one of nature’s wonder plant. The nut juice and the extracted juice from its grated meat was a high grade source of the rarely found lauric acid among plants. Lauric acid (MCFA) was converted by the body into monolaurin, a type of monoglyceride that combats those lipid-coated viruses of the HIV, herpes, influenza, measles, gram-negative organisms and protozoa. It has been reported that MCFA- rich diets can reduce more fat tissues probably due to the high fat oxidation attribute of coconut milk.

The body’s secret to wellness.

If you have grown tired drinking the traditional milk drink and find coffee, tea and other beverages lacks the healthy boost your body need,  Golden Milk is the BEST healthy drink to quench not only your thirst but most significantly may have been that long lost health elixir to combat the body’s know ailments and diseases.  Why would you need to travel a couple of blocks away just to buy a tall glass of a commercial and adulterated drink when nature’s bounty can come so simple, non-dairy yet potent medicinal drink called Golden Milk which can easily be prepared right in the comfort of your home.

Advisory & Precaution:

The author and administrator of this website does not claim turmeric as a certified medical cure for any kind of ailments or diseases. The above article was based on published research and readings from both the medical and commercial sources. For added information on the findings by medical experts, please READ THIS science based material for guide and enlightenment.    

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Working 9 to 5 Can Really Be So Bad!

Workin' nine to five 

What a way to make a livin' 

Barely gettin' by 

It's all takin' and no givin' 

They just use your mind 

And they never give you credit 

It's enough to drive you 

Crazy if you let it.

There goes the lyrics of Dolly Parton's Grammy mega hit song from the  80s. Supposedly describing the sentiments of a hard working woman working round the clock earning a living. The same song has been for some time become the national anthem of office workers not only in the US but elsewhere in the world. Business industries worldwide have since then follow the office working hours from 9 in the morning  until 5 PM in the afternoon or basically the regular working hours of 7 to 8 hours each day.

But it seems Dolly has been right all along that working long hours could barely get things doneless productive and can really drive one crazy to death!

Humans are workaholic by nature.

Have you ever wondered why human civilization thrive? It is human nature to produce and do something for ourselves. We were never idle nor stop. Nothing within us are lazy. All our body parts ever since each one of us were born are moving and ticking just like time.


Work 'til you drop. 

Abuse was the root of all evil. Anything in excess is bad. And that include work abuse using our bodies. Doctors all along has been telling us that long working hours can basically worn out our body leading us to develop different ailments and health conditions. In a research study published last October 2015 by the medical journal Lancet conducted on 600,000 working individuals from Australia, united States and Europe reveals that people who work 55 hours or more per week have 33% greater exposure for stroke and 13% greater risk of developing coronary heart disease.

Better days.

Thirteen years ago, Toyota of Guthenburg in Sweden was already running its company based on a six-hour daily work routine and has defied the odds from other companies who has more working hours by making the company more productive and profitable. And the best part of it was that employees of the company are more professional,happy and fulfilled.Other companies in Sweden have followed what the company has done and even other nations in Europe and the Middle East were greatly considering  adopting the scheme.
    Working 9 to 5  for the longest time maybe the best and peak hours where businesses appreciates productivity. But as time ages and changes, the human body depreciates and wears out making it dull and counter work productivity. Our hearts may be willing to work but not our body. Maybe its time we listen to our body and be kind to it for without it, we cannot work.  Without manpower, no business will ever thrive. And everything eventually will cease to exist.