Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Supermilk Called Mothers Milk

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Ever since, we were always reminded that:  "Mothers milk is  the best there is. And that there is really no substitute for it.

Yes, its true mothers milk was the prime nourishment of every newborn baby because it was the only milk and nourishment the baby has ever known ever since the baby was a fetus.

So, what else does a mothers milk have to be the considered the best? The colostrum boosted by antibodies and leukocytes contained in mothers milk was the baby's defense against diseases and bacteria  during the first few days after birth. Colostrum was that thick, sticky  yellowish to orange fluid secretion from the breast of a woman during pregnancy and just a few days after delivery of a baby and before the actual lactation process begins. It contains precious fat soluble, with high carbohydrates, protein,  maternal antibodies and other immune activating nutrients. The mammary gland of a woman's breast will stop producing Colostrum the week after the baby's birth.

This is the reason why breastmilk is the Supermilk among any other milk ever known by human.

The Dazzling Art of Swarovski

Rough edges.
Competition is a very rough battle in the marketing arena. But however rough all the edges may seem, every sides has to be perfectly polished to glitter and spark. Glass cutting was a passionate art to Daniel even though it was taught to be a job by his late father who owned a small glass cutting factory towards the end of the 18th century. Today, the art and the small business that Daniel Swarovski have learned to love will be loved by millions of people all over the world for all its glitters and shine. It was the brilliance made by the passion and love for the glass crystals that made Swarovski crystals stood among the rest despite heavy competition on the global crystals business. Heavy competitors like China and Russia seem invincible but it was the name, Swarovski that made it more than just a glittering crystal.

Celebrity fashion is a Swarovski galore.
ski The Swarovski crystal found its best ally in this generation that sees beyond the shine of a crystal. Swarovski and fashion together rock in glittering experience.  Swarovski has become the art of captivating glittery fashion!


Everyone was dazzled when Rihanna wore her nude Swarovski dress in the CFDA annual event. Queen Bey was in great fashion every time a Swarovski adorned her outfits.   Fans just cant help but bedazzled on every Swarovski studded outfit Lady Gaga wears. Katy Perry roars as she wows everyone with her Swarovski gowns. And the list goes on and on...

Daniel's dream shines.
Today, one can find the dazzling Swarovski in almost every fashion statement of any kind.

The crystal business that Daniel bloomed brilliantly have dazzled millions around the world, Swarovski today was managed by Daniel's great great grandchildren including Nadja who was the lone woman on the team.
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Friday, July 29, 2016

Instagram Hairdresser Grooms London's Homeless

[photo from metrouk2]

Meet Joshua Coombes!

Does his name ring a bell? As if you want to comb and groom your hair?

Well, it might be all coincidence  that his surname sounds like a grooming kit. But sure he was in the grooming career. Along with friends, Matt Spracklen and Dave Burt they have a mission to pursue everytime they hit the streets of London. Josh was a hairdresser with an extraordinary passion for his grooming career. He has this 360 degrees salon where anybody from anywhere can just walk in, be cozy as you wait for your turn to be served by him for a haircut. Josh was 29 years old and his career in hairdressing has brought him so much love from his clients many of whom he just met on the streets of London. Josh and his friends has this advocacy to have a Selfie with people in the streets particularly the homeless on the streets of London.  Their mission was to inspire encourage people to do an act of kindness. They posed their Selfies with their grooming clients under the hashtag #DoSomethingforNothing on Instagram.

When in London and you suddenly realize you need a haircut? Wait awhile, relax and be cozy, your hairdresser might just be around to groom you on the streets of London.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

From Russia With Love: The Putin-Trump Affair

[image courtesy of CBSPhilly]
Trump says: "Lets make America great again!"

Or maybe, its really should be: 'Lets make America great with Russia!

There were theories or should I say rumors that a hot nuclear romance is brewing between US presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russia's Vladimir Putin. The affair seems to cover from Trump's New York high rise estates to Vladimir Putin's Moscow aboard a rocket hot machinery.
Although the two have no solid engagement yet with each other, endearing words have somehow been accorded to each other. In one interview, Trump was quoted telling that, he thinks he would get along very well with Putin. Putin on the other hand have expressed by calling Trump “a bright and talented person without any doubt … an outstanding and talented personality.”

For one thing, the affair they can make a common denominator that can really make seal it with a kiss with Trump having a personal linguist translator in the person of his wife Melania who can communicate easily having known 5 international languages: Slovenian, English, French, Serbian and German. Adding Russian will be an easy assignment for her to complete her role as Trump's personal Foreign Relations Secretary.

What do you think, will the Putin-Trump affair make America great with Russia?

Can Hillary's hacked emails reveal more? :eek:

What do you think?