Monday, December 30, 2013

Michael Schumacher in Coma After Ski Fall

[Michael Schumacher - image from]

December 30, 2013
Grenoble, France

Michael Schumacher, F1 racing car champ was critical and in coma after sustaining head injuries from a fatal ski fall on Meribel ski resort at the French Alps.  The 44 year old German Formula One legend was being treated at Grenoble University Hospital in the south eastern city of Grenoble, France.  The severe brain trauma made him slipped to a coma.  Immediate family and friends including wife Corinna, his two children and German Chancellor Angela Merkel requested everyone for prayers in order for Michael to pass his ordeal.

"He is in critical condition, his condition can be described as life threatening," said Jean-Francois Payen, head of the intensive care unit of the hospital.  According to his attending neurologist Jean-Luc Truelle, the next 48 hours or so would be very critical. The fall happened last Sunday, December 29 and Schumacher was airlifted to the hospital on the 30th at around 11:40 GMT.  He was initially operated due to the serious and diffuse brain lesions upon arrival to the hospital in an agitated state with arms and legs jerking uncontrollably.  No follow up operations has been performed since then.  Though Schumacher wore a ski helmet, the impact must have been so severe that without it he could have died instantly right there and then.  It was reported by mirror news that Schumacher was speeding at 60mph when he crashed and hit a rock.   A lover of extreme sports, Schumacher was also into high speed motorcycle besides slope skiing and car racing.  He was also treated for neck and spine injuries in 2006 in Spain but he recovered from the injury and was back in car racing Mercedes in 2010 but after three seasons he quit F1 the second time last year, 2012.

Schumacher who will turn 45 on January 3 was retired from F1 racing the second time in 2012.  He hold seven world championships and 19 race victories in his 19 years of racing career.

Desperate Measure To Clean Up Fukushima Nuclear Toxic Mess

[Japanese homeless - image courtesy of solarmews]
Developments about the Fukushima Nuclear accident clean up are said to involve Japanese homeless as aides to clean up the toxic water still present in the area.  It seems Japan is eyeing recruiting the homeless in a desperate move to clean up the toxic materials resulting from the accident that happened March 2011.  The minimum wage offered to the destitute of probably one of the most undesirable job on the face of the earth. The radiation clean up so far has long been overdue and Japan was already under pressure and desperately seeking everything possible before another unfortunate disaster strikes.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Breakthrough: Origin of Alzeimer’s Disease in the Brain Now Revealed

[image from huffington post]

Medical scientists led by Professor Scott Small, director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at Columbia University in New York along with co-author Professor Karen Duff, also from Columbia University have pinpointed the origin in the brain where Alzheimer’s originally started.  In a recent scientific study, it seems the lateral entorhinal cortex (LEC) was the initial place in the brain where it all started. LEC was part of a region in the brain called hippocampus responsible for storing our long term memories.  It is where reduced metabolic activity occurred first.
Further study revealed that as we grow old the effect that started in the LEC area manifest like a domino effect spreading to other areas in the brainAlzheimer’s was characterized by the presence of deposits called beta amyloid plaques and tangles of tau protein.  Together these two proteins initiates the damage of neurons in the LEC and so Alzheimer’s proliferates the area and spreads to other parts of the brain.

The study was concluded after observing high resolution brain scans of 96 healthy individual adults aged over 65.  Of which 12 exhibited the symptoms.  The change in declining memory occurred when after the 12 volunteered individuals was free of dementia and the rest of the 84 has no manifestations of Alzheimer’s. It was further tested on mice and the same result happened.

This breakthrough on the discovery of the origin of the Alzheimer’s will aid on early detection of the disease on adults and treating it before it spreads thus preventing and curing Alzheimer’s Disease.  The study will also aid for potential new drug to cure the disease.

Mother Dead After Childbirth Lives to Tell How it All Happened

Stephanie Arnold

the risk
It was a given fact that giving birth by a woman puts her more to risk than safety.  Not only because birth pains and maternity labor are sometimes so unbearable where passing out unconscious was almost inevitable.   

amniotic fluid embolism
Those were the fears Stephanie Arnold feels as she was seconds of giving birth to her second child via a C-section delivery.  Her heart has become erratic in beating that she coded and was already on a life threatening situation on the operating table.  Her heart stops for 37 seconds.  She recalled all signal and electrical machines stopped and goes null to zero.  Her ob-gyn Dr Julie Levitt and the anesthesiologist called the condition amniotic fluid embolism (AFE).  AFE was a maternity delivery condition where the amniotic fluid enters the mother’s bloodstream and can trigger respiratory failure and cardiac arrest.  While the incidence was likely to happen, it is however the second leading cause of maternal death in the United States and the United Kingdom.  A recent study revealed that 40% of mothers who have it dies from such condition.

a gut feeling about her death 
“It was so raw.  It was the feeling that I had was I was going to die. There was no question”, Stephanie mentioned. Talking to her anesthesiologist before her surgery she ordered more blood and monitors making sure she did all precautions to keep her self-assured.  And after taking deep breaths and savored every moment with her family she goes on with the operation.

rise from the dead
Stephanie and her son Jacob survived the ordeal without permanent damage after six days in coma and weeks for recovery. It was such an experience she lived to tell after her being dead for a while.  She now enjoys the bliss of living and experience again the motherhood to her son Jacob who was with her when she encountered death for a moment. Child bearing nowadays are a lot safer, however some mothers still face complications.

Stephanie and baby Jacob

Friday, December 20, 2013

A Peek Into God's Immense Power and Greatness


Today I've felt as if God has given me a VIP seat to see His immense power and greatness. Thanks to the efforts of the astronauts aboard Apollo 8 who took these images aboard the space lunar satellite  45 years ago.  Earthrise was the photograph s Earth from space on the far side angle of the moon.  That we knew since then as a blue marble astronauts has seen for the first time.  Even the astronauts couldn't help themselves not to panic seeing our Earth as a beauty.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Even Superman would not Dare Fly Like This

[image from sploid]

Ever want to be a superhero yourself?
Here is a new and exciting way to make your dream come true and fly extraordinarily!  In this video from Sploid you will see a wingsuit pilot cut through your view as if he had just flew from afar just above the ground.  I bet even Superman would not do dare to fly such.  No. you don't need to be in the family of the DC Comics superhero to do the flying this way.  All you need big and lots will be guts.  The wingsuit pilots were Brian Drake, Ellen Brennan and Ludovic Woerth.  They shot it through a zip line that runs on a tight gully over the famous ENSA Couloir in Charmonix, France.

A Fresh Start

Creating a blog has always been a passion to me.  Not only because I got to have a blog of my own but mainly because bloggaing has been one of the most effective way to communicate to all types of people who read things on the internet.  It is like you own a piece of Wikipedia or a whole new customized set of your very own encyclopedic thoughts.

I do not intend to be a whiz or anything.  In fact the more simple it gets the better it will cross along the boundaries of anybody's thought.  I also will not be topic specific since I like this blog to be sort of everything an ordinary person can read be he on the car driving with his google glass or on the comforts of the most comforting place on earth - the john. ooppss  sorry bout that, I do not mean to ruin your thoughts.  But who knows, I might have sparked a great idea that you should need to visit it and do your thing! hahahaha...

Whatever is it you  wherever you may be.  I want to make your day and hope I made it good.