Monday, December 30, 2013

Michael Schumacher in Coma After Ski Fall

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December 30, 2013
Grenoble, France

Michael Schumacher, F1 racing car champ was critical and in coma after sustaining head injuries from a fatal ski fall on Meribel ski resort at the French Alps.  The 44 year old German Formula One legend was being treated at Grenoble University Hospital in the south eastern city of Grenoble, France.  The severe brain trauma made him slipped to a coma.  Immediate family and friends including wife Corinna, his two children and German Chancellor Angela Merkel requested everyone for prayers in order for Michael to pass his ordeal.

"He is in critical condition, his condition can be described as life threatening," said Jean-Francois Payen, head of the intensive care unit of the hospital.  According to his attending neurologist Jean-Luc Truelle, the next 48 hours or so would be very critical. The fall happened last Sunday, December 29 and Schumacher was airlifted to the hospital on the 30th at around 11:40 GMT.  He was initially operated due to the serious and diffuse brain lesions upon arrival to the hospital in an agitated state with arms and legs jerking uncontrollably.  No follow up operations has been performed since then.  Though Schumacher wore a ski helmet, the impact must have been so severe that without it he could have died instantly right there and then.  It was reported by mirror news that Schumacher was speeding at 60mph when he crashed and hit a rock.   A lover of extreme sports, Schumacher was also into high speed motorcycle besides slope skiing and car racing.  He was also treated for neck and spine injuries in 2006 in Spain but he recovered from the injury and was back in car racing Mercedes in 2010 but after three seasons he quit F1 the second time last year, 2012.

Schumacher who will turn 45 on January 3 was retired from F1 racing the second time in 2012.  He hold seven world championships and 19 race victories in his 19 years of racing career.

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