Friday, February 14, 2014


Excellently amazing!
Very well done Michael Martinez!
The Philippines fly high as its representative, Michael Christian Martinez make it big in the Sochi Winter Olympics. But there's more!Martinez's feat already made history in the world with Martinez having been the first figure skater in Southeast Asia to make it to the Winter Olympics history. And Filipinos worldwide owe it to this 17 year old skating sport talent.

The crowd wooed in delight as he make triple spin axle landings several time in his performance and his iconic arched body finale just simply made the people in the gallery wonder. His magical performance was worth today's event, being Valentine's Day where he swayed on the Romeo and Juliet theme melody, A Time For Us. He became an instant favorite and everyone clamors for an interview for the young Olympian.

With him in the 19th slot in the overall medal standing, Michael had already etched the Philippine flag in history. Michael dreams of becoming a doctor someday. He has the dedication and an excellent talent and this young teen was just starting out in his journey as an Olympian and all are hopeful he will continue on.  He vowed to make it to the 2018 Winter Olympics. Filipinos worldwide have been cheering and you made us all proud.
UPDATE 02/16/2014
Men's Figure Skating medal standing have shown another Asian in the person of Yuzuru Hanyu have dominated the event. dropping Russia in second and USA third in the overall  medal tally.

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