Friday, March 7, 2014

How the Filipino Conquer The World Through Laughter

We often can read or hear, 'Laughter is the best medicine.'  But can laughter really cure?  Aside from its relief to put away sadness, can laughter and being happy cures diseases and illnesses? But does science really have significant facts to prove this?  Well it certainly does! Believe it or not a good hearted laughter can relax the muscles and may last for 45 minutes. Laughter can trigger the release of the body's so-called feel good natural body hormone called endorphins which are the body's immunity cells that fights pain, physical tension, stress and serves as the body's infection-fighting anti bodies improving and strengthening the body against resistance to diseases and illnesses.  It does not only support the body's physical health but likewise promote mental and psychological balance.
Laughter can be achieved in so many forms and instances and its a natural and inherent mood and feeling of every human being has.  Doctors need not prescribe nor can you buy laughter and happiness over the counter.  It is FREE and you can have it without diagnosis nor will there be doses to have it.  

But this free medicine sometimes can be so rare and elusive to have.  And people sometimes pay or offer to pay just to be happy. Thus some people even tagged 'Happiness is priceless.'  But really now, why can some people have the hardest time to laugh or just be happy to be.  Happiness is being tagged along with satisfaction and contentment.  They say people by nature are insatiable.  People always look for something lacking and incomplete.  People always have the way to ridicule and be ridiculous and entertain the feeling and idea of being incomplete, unsatisfactory and imperfections.  

And because of these feelings of unsatisfactory and being insatiable, people refuse to be happy and reject the body's natural healing elements, allow and refuse the body to heal from pain, stress, tension, anxiety and worst of all depression creeps in engulfing and looming the body with  discomfort and illnesses.

In the subject video above.  a Filipino doctor, Dr. Nathaniel Cruz, who acted his own self video showed how social media can influenced people through satire and laughter.  Although the satirical medium dwell on the issue of being poor and the social class on the effect of technology on social classes and media.  The fact and essence of bringing laughter and not ridicule in facing the realities of life highlights a social class typical of being a Filipino being a happy people  and being content even with just being happy in a selfie mood despite his being poor and hunger.  The video may convey the social dogma on  Philippines and Filipinos being a super 'Selfie' addict.  It also conveys that Philippines being the texting capital of the world have integrated technology even to the poorest of the poor and that happiness and contentment can easily be achieved by a mere 'text' or selfie act, an inexpensive way to attain happiness and satisfaction.  Odd it may seem to many but the happiness it brought to the subject person in the video is immeasurable that even money cannot buy. This probably will explain why Philippines and the Filipino people can weather any calamities, and even being poor in the most positive way through being happy and the Filipino being a happy people.  The video won on America Meet World contest, a US-based comedy video contest that featured 138 video from 21 different countries around the world.

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