Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chinatown: Leaving a Worldwide Legacy

Wikipedia described Chinatown as an ethnic enclave of expatriate Chinese people outside of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.  The huge population in China made some of its people left their country to seek work and opportunities for a better life.  Nowadays, Chinatown are in most key cities worldwide and become prolific business areas and prominent landmarks.  Aside from being a business district, Chinatowns are fascinating tourist destinations and in some areas distinct landmarks.
The oldest Chinatown was built in the Philippines.   The Manila Chinatown community has been established as a trading area since the 15th century.  Since then, Chinatown has grown like sprouting mushrooms all over the world.  In the US alone, one can find a Chinatown in most of its key cities.
But what made these places unique?  Perhaps these are few of the reasons why there are Chinatowns elsewhere in the world:
ü  Chinatowns are landmarks.  In almost every continent in the world, one can find a Chinatown.  Name it, you can find Chinatown in Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, the Latin America, Oceania and the US.  In every continent in the world, one can find a Chinatown.
ü  Chinatowns are business district.  Most Chinatowns are center of commerce and trading primarily Chinese products from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macao or even products made in its host country that defines Chinese craftsmanship and attributes.
ü  Chinatowns are tourist destinations and landmarks.  In most Chinatowns around the world, one can find elements that are uniquely Chinese.  There are Chinese pagodas which are symbols of Chinese architecture.  Chinese lanterns, dragons, lions, calligraphy and signs which decorate and identify establishments creating the atmosphere of the Chinese culture.  The smell of incense, Chinese cuisine and delicacies will carry your feet to where it will lead you. 
ü  Chinatowns are communities.  .  Chinatown is where you can find Chinese from all walks of life, whether they are permanently settled in that country or not.  The racial features of the people you will meet defines you are in a place where China and its people converge.  Despite their diversity from their host country, Chinatown still thrive to relive the greatest value and legacy in their being a family away from their native China.
Although the basic pattern of Chinatowns are clusters or communities relating about China, its people, and its trade.  It is worthy to know that China’s rich culture and people are traveling around the world.  It is leaving footprints and legacy throughout the world through this thriving communities we call – Chinatown

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