Saturday, May 24, 2014

King Kanye & Queen Kim, the Royal American Wedding in France

Finally, it’s officially Mr. & Mrs Kanye West! Today, Saturday May 24, 2014 Kanye West and Kim Kardashian was officially Mr. & Mrs Kanye West.  Dressed in a lacy curvaceous bodice dress with plunging V neckline, Kim was all very sexy and endowed with all her body assets. While Kanye was ever dashing in his dark blue and black suit. The couple was married at the historic 17th century castle Chateau de Wideville in West Paris, France.

The couple fell in love with the vintage venues and thinks they were really, really classy. The royal princess, little baby Princess Kimye was on her drape covered deep blue colored cradle rolled by her mommy Kim as daddy Kanye signals shhh to hush the crowd so as not to disturb her nappin.’ During the pre-wedding luncheon at Valentino’s chateau, baby North West was well-mannered and did not seem to even grimaced nor bothered to get into tantrums with all the preparations going around her. She was contented nibbling on her dark chocolate and vegetable tempura. On June 15, baby Kimye will celebrate her very first birthday.

While Jay Z thought the wedding has gone out of proportion and have turned over into more of a circus, the wedding vows was finally done and the royalties now has completed their dream royal wedding. Congratulations Hrhs. King Kanye and Queen Kim and now back to reality Mr. & Mrs. Kanye West.

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