Monday, October 20, 2014

A Star was born in Australia’s X-Factor!

Ever since Marlisa’s audition for Australia’s X-Factor, Judge Ronan Keating couldn't help but all praises and standing ovation for the 14 year old Australian X-Factor finalist Marlisa Punzalan. Keating was in awe as he told her, “Who you are now is so endearing,”  after singing ‘Stand By You’ earning her another round of standing ovation from the panel of judges of X Factor Australia.
Redfoo astounded by Marlisa’s performance said, “I think you got yourself a hit there. You got a hit there lady. Now all you need to do is win this thing.”
Danii Minogue on her part was all praise telling Marlisa’s superb performance, “Great title, and great performance. A style queen, as I’ve said, all throughout the competition, you have absolute style and grace, stuff you can’t teach people. I’m sure all your friends, your family, and everyone else that’s grown to love you.”

Watch Marlisa on her all judges standing ovation performance of the song ‘Stand by You’

Humbled by the praises and good things being said to her singing talent, Marlisa remained soft spoken and shy. Raised from humble beginnings, the daughter of a Filipino couple living in Australia balanced her time attending school and her X-Factor stints. A true and real inspiration indeed to her schoolmates, family and friends.

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