Friday, November 7, 2014

Bride's Prank Calls Off a Wedding in China

Playing a prank is a fun and enjoyable way to some people. But playing a prank on your wedding day might not be a great idea at all.

In Shenzhen City, China, a groom calls off his own wedding when his supposedly 26 year old bride appeared at the wedding venue all dressed up in her wedding gown but with the face of a 50-year old woman.  The bride, Qing Kao has thought of making a prank to test if her groom, Guo Chien will still accept her even if her youthful looks fades into her old version. The supposedly happy event turned into a disaster when the groom decided to quit the wedding vow. Seeing his bride to be in her wedding gown but with the face of an old woman have turned his excitement to sour and anger as the bride tried so hard to tell her groom that her looks was all part of a joke to test his love for her despite her looks. The groom was not pleased but instead out of rage calls off the wedding for good. The bride was left on the venue all sorry for the prank and what she did resulting a broken wedding vow.  Watch how the event happened in the following video clip:

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