Sunday, July 19, 2015

I am Bruce. No, wait! I AM CAITLYN…

A sexual orientation. 
A privilege. 
A right. 
A classification. 
A sex. 
A group 
A relationship. 
A fad. 
A specie.

A he or a she. 
A boy or a girl. 
A man or a woman. 
A man trapped in a woman’s body. 
A woman trapped in a man’s body. 
A term synonymous to LBGT. 
A transsexual. 
A transvestite. 
A cross dresser. 
A gay. A bisexual. 
A homosexual. 
A homophile. 
An outcast. 
A misfit.

What really is a transgender?
A transgender is person whose sexual orientation does not match its normal physiological aspect or assigned sex from birth. The same is the case of most gay people like the celebrated case of the former Bruce and now Caitlyn Jenner.
Ever since Caitlyn Jenner graces the cover of a fashion magazine, everywhere and anywhere issues about transgender and transgendering has been a hot topic. From the cover of people magazines to newspaper to advertising billboards. Even in politics, churches and the army. The issue about transgenders were spreading like fire on a hot summer day.

The Pride march.
Ever since Bruce Jenner came out in the open about his transition, the world is never again in silence about it. The gay group has become even more visible and open to the public. The rainbow flag rises and the Pride group marches out from every corner of the world.
But these advocacies on gay people were not new. The emergence of the gay advocacy have been around as early as the 17th century. Although their cry had become socially unacceptable starting from the 18th century due to the imposition of the crimes against sodomy and moral laws.

Caitlyn and the 21st century.
Caitlyn may have opened the Pandora’s Box on homosexuality for the21st century but the gay cry has been a significant voice even before religion, values and laws were introduced to humanity. The path of a gay person like Caitlyn was not an easy one. She has to live a life of a celebrated macho man in the 70s and undergo physical and mental anguish just to fight and let Caitlyn comes out in the open. The same way that many gay and transgender has gone through sufferings, persecution, trauma and even life threatening experiences. Many like Caitlyn emerge like a catalyst and blooms but many were also unfortunate and died living their fight and transition.
Lives were lost along the way. But for Caitlyn, her coming out of the cocoon is a reason. A reason for someone who at this moment may be suffering and struggling to come out and fight for right. Fight to gain. Fight to come out. Fight to survive. Fight to live.

A life to love.
A transgender may be a he or a she or something in between but definitely they are human just like you and me. Filled with sense, spirit and emotions. Whatever term you call them they are still perfectly human in every sense. Let us welcome them with open arms and loving hearts. For LOVE maybe the only thing that is needed to let them live.

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