Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Gummy Bear it to Lift Your Breasts!

The quest for those perky breast is on. In the world of plastic surgery, breast implant technology are constantly revolutionized. The latest addition to the popular line of breast implants comes in a more stable form of pliable yet firm silicone gel implants that mimics the consistency of the yummy gummy bear candies that sweet tooth lovers enjoy.
According to Dr. Paul D. Feldman, a board certified plastic surgeon from Atlanta’s leading plastic surgery center, Advanced Aesthetics, gummy bear implants offers long lasting safety features and the best natural look of the ideal woman’s breasts. Board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Edward S. Gronka and Dr. Joseph Raniere, Jr. both agree that the firm and flexibility of the implant will benefit more women who desired that much natural looking breast tissues.  Women without much natural breast tissues like athletes and women needing breasts reconstruction are most likely candidates for filling their breasts with gummy bear implants after a thorough consultation and examination.

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    Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo