Saturday, November 19, 2016

Empowering Life With Creative Visualization

Your mind was the biggest storage of all the visuals on Earth! 

Bigger and larger than Hollywood, Bollywood,Cannes and even Oscars. Complete with all the colors, hues and designs more than those creations paraded on any ramps,billboards and festivals.Visuals are real life and moving actions every time. Your mind was your very own exclusive cinema and movie house.  Your visions was privately previewing and showing you scenes the way you wanted it to be. Inside, you are can be anybody you wanted to be. All it takes will be a little creative visualization and walla!  You've created a whole new world and concept out of your own creative mind.  

But just as how immense to collect all the movies and films from all the entertainment capitals of the world, your own world of creative visions was just as enormous and even more. Although there are so many avenues to weave creative visualization, Allow us to demystify and unshelve some part of this natural cinema in our minds.

What is creative visualization?

Creative visualization is the process of enriching one's imagination out of one's knowledge and experiences and creating a whole new concept, ideas and imagery out of it. It's basically like creating your own movie where you act as its director, actor and production staff rolled into one. But don't you want to empower your mind and make your creations come to life and share it for others to see and experience?

How can creative visualization comes to life? Although sky is the limit and everything is up to your creativity. In order to switch and turn on this personal theater in your mind and make it possible, you need to be guided by these essentials.

Essentials for Creative Visualization:

Envision a goal. Visualization is all about creation and in order to shape it you need to be driven by a goal and purpose to invoke how it will shape and look like.
Draw and sketch its form. With the thought in your mind, carefully fill it with things in your thoughts that will integrate and form its visuals and aesthetics. 

Keep your focus on it. Focus is essential at all time to be able to achieve the desired visual.

Empower your vision.  Let your inspiration ripple. Set it free and keep it lively and alive.  It is through empowerment that your vision can inspire and set it alive for as long as it can. Make your visuals ridiculously amazing for it to generate its own powers and desired by those inspired by it. Don't let your precious thoughts get to waste! Cherish it before it flows to waste and gone for good.

Creative visualization  was what you've created it in your mind and was all what you have desired to perfection. Once developed, creative visualization can be your most powerful in life. It can inspire, motivate and guide people as they journey through life. Coupled with hard work,the right tools and an ideal team sharing the same passion can even change how the world works. But remember, in the end after all the challenges,appreciation and rewards were a welcome treat for all the hard work!   

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