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Hypnobirthing: Empowering the Childbirth Experience

Childbirth was a woman’s greatest fear!

The thought of death during delivery was due to the fact that many women have died while giving birth or that they worry that their child will suffer pain during the process.  Well, what kind of mother are you if you do not worry about how your child will survive the ordeal?  If by history and fact you knew in your mind that many women have died giving birth, how would you think will it be for your beloved child that you are about to bring to this world?  How do you keep such ill thoughts out of your mind? Of all the birth techniques and methods introduced to women during the childbirth process, Hypnobirthing has been the most fascinating childbirth experience that most women who were administered with the method have that safe, most peaceful and easy child delivery.

Hypnobirthing to most women who have undergone the method does not only highlight the important role in bringing out a child in this world.  Remember that childbirth is a milestone in your life that many women are NOT capable of.  Hypnobirthing will significantly help boost your strength and confidence in bringing out a life that will complete your essence as a woman and a mother.  Hypnobirthing will teach you to naturally harness your instincts and empower you as a woman in bringing out the most precious one in your life, your child
Hey Mommy!
Pregnant?  Are you expecting?
Is childbirth a scary thing?
Do you imagine yourself birthing and delivery like those mothers freaking and shrieking at the sight of those anesthetic needles? Do you worry you will be screaming due to painful contractions during delivery?
Worry no more! There’s nothing to be afraid of for childbirth need not be as painful and dreadful as how you have envisioned it. In fact, childbirth really was supposed to be a joyful celebration and the beginning of your nurturing love and affection to your most precious child. And to carry out this significant milestone in your life, Healthtree would like to be with you as you journey through the path of bringing your most precious one into this world.  Healthtree will be your partner in learning more about peaceful and easy birthing techniques and methods.
Allow us to introduce to you the way on how to achieve a peaceful and easy childbirth method called Hypnobirthing.
The dawning of easy and less fearful childbirth.
In the 1920s, English obstetrician Dr. Grantly Dick-Read, after careful observation of women giving birth theorized that there was really no such thing as childbirth pain during delivery of a child by a woman. For Dr. Dick-Read it was basically just a cycle of manageable fear, tension and pain a woman can handle given the right motivation and self empowerment.  Dr. Dick-Read later termed this fear as the Fear-tension-pain Syndrome. Picking up from the lessons and learnings of Dr. Grantly Dick-Read was Dr. Michelle Leclaire O'Neill who introduced Hypnobirthing in 1987. Another practitioner and supporter of Dr. Dick-Read’s theories was Marie Mongan who developed and popularized her own version of Hypnobirthing technique based on her own worriless pain childbirth experience. And since then, the practice was blown into proportion and quickly spread in the four corners of the world.
Popular Childbirth Fears
Through time and history on the experience of childbirthing process, the long rhetorics on the cycle of fear and pain are two of the most popular factors highly associated with mothers during childbirth. Below are some of the most popular dilemma of mothers during childbirth.
Fear-tension-pain Syndrome of Childbirth.   A phenomenon theorized by English obstetrician Dr. Grantly Dick-Read in the 1920s upon observation  that the fear in giving birth creates tension to a woman that increases the childbirth pain cycle making the birth canal dysfunctional eventually obstructing what he believed as a naturally smooth and manageable process of child birthing. Some of the other popular factors that give rise to the fear a woman may experience during childbirth are listed below:
Fear of death.  Due to the long history of deaths relating to childbirth, it became almost synonymous to death of either the mother or the child creating that fear syndrome around it.
Fear of anesthetics malfunction.  More than 50% of women giving birth in a medical facility are given epidural anesthesia to manage contraction pains during labor.  Like any other aesthetics, epidurals are designed to block certain nerve impulses causing numbness from the lower spinal portion in the lower part of the body.  The worst fear of malfunction in the effect of epidural making the body paralyzed was a highly thought factor for most women in labor.
Fear of genital tearing.  The thought of having an unbecoming episiotomy after delivery was a worrying fear by woman after childbirth. For these women, the thought of the unbecoming appearance of what’s down there matters and less pleasing to their husband or partner.    
Fear of humiliation.  Disgusting things like pooping, peeing, puking and oozing blood might occur but they simply are just but part of the tension and pressures being undergone by a woman giving birth. Vanity need not be strictly observed and can be manageably handled during such situations.
To overcome these dilemma, mothers must learn how to properly handle their fear factors for the sake of the child to come into this world in a calm and less painful delivery.
Harnessing your Inner Strength.
In today’s modern application of natural birthing, Hypnobirthing was a proven and efficient childbirth program developed to teach lessons about the correct and proper way of relaxing, breathing and visualizing for a safe, comfortable and easy birth. Harnessing your inner strength to overcome the fear and pain was the key to experience an empowered childbirth experience. Hypnobirthing uses the following integrated techniques in the program to efficiently carry out the process of birthing and overcome those childbirth woes and harnessing your strengths in achieving a safe, peaceful and easy delivery.
Your body.  As a woman, do remember that your body was designed to give birth. You must know by now that you have successfully grown a child in your womb and miraculously carry it for several months. So, if your body allow its growth, your body definitely knows how to bring it out and give you your little bundle of joy. As theorized by Dr. Dick-Read, the fear that can be felt can be harnessed to filter the blood away from the uterus which can be used by the muscles to escape from dangerous instances within.  This will in turn deplete the uterus without oxygen making it pain free. Simply put, if you will be able to get rid of your fear, the uterus can function normally without the risk of pain.  It is therefore essential that you focus on how your body functions during childbirth
Deep Breathing Techniques.  One way to relax the muscles was to take deep breaths. In Hypnobirthing, you will be able to learn the correct way and techniques of taking deep breaths that releases tensions from the uterus allowing you to manage your stress and pain during the birth process.  It is essential to observe your breathing patterns to manage better oxygen supply for you and your baby.  Ample abdominal breathings will help you cope with the pressure of sensations felt during the surges.
Family Role. Hypnobirthing was a family centered program. It encourages and allow the husband or an immediate family member as your birthing partner during the process.  The role of the birthing partner was integrated into the Hypnobirthing program.  It can significantly bring the feeling of security to calm you during the process.
Childbirth Hypnosis. Often misconstrued as hypnosis mantras but they were not and are actually self-motivational phrases of positivism called ‘birth affirmations’ meant to make you relax, stay calm and visualize positive inspirations that can help you manage the fear and pain associated with childbirth.
Birth Affirmations. These are motivational insights or phrases used in Hypnobirthing as an aid to inspire positivism and help you to manage the pain and fear. An ideal birth affirmation must be composed using mindful and positive words and phrases that resonates your being to help you ease your physical, mental and emotional faculties during childbirth. You may even close your eyes to achieve a more meditative or concentrative state. Below was an example of a short birth affirmation:

“I am a woman of strength and courage.
I can feel the overwhelming love of the people around me
With these overflowing love around us
Me and my baby deserve a safe and peaceful birthing experience.”


Every day, babies are born in every corner of the world and Hypnobirthing has gained increasing popularity and chosen by millions of birthing women due to its most ideal way of bringing babies into this world. Not only does Hypnobirthing offers the safest, peaceful and easier childbirth program but essentially highlights the woman’s most important role of bringing a human life into this world.

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