Saturday, May 16, 2015

Building Instant Islands, the China Way of Changing Territorial Maps

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All across the world, there is no doubt that the China is  growing as fast as it could be. As their population breaks population charts, so was their rising economy breaking stock exchange tradings. And now there is another venture China is getting into. China is into building instant islands on disputed waters west of the Philippine seas.  Out of nothing, the water territories on the Asian disputed seas suddenly grew islands that in no time became small archipelago-like in the area. China is changing their territorial map by building instant islands on hotly disputed waters. Complete with airstrips and military zones for battle aircraft carriers, the islands are now being inhabited on what China claims as maritime observation facilities. But neighboring countries are getting into the idea that the area could become a military defense zone with all the possible military armaments that could be brought to the site like long range sensors, missile systems and other sophisticated military arsenals. The area seems to be getting more and more a fortress for China's battleground defense in these territorial waters claimed by the neighboring Asian countries other than them..

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