Saturday, May 16, 2015

Plus Size, MomBod, DadBod, Are you a Selfie IN or OUT?

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Men and women shares on various social media network images of their body that many think are not within what others are saying as not within the standard measure of ideal.  To them, it is their own way of self-expression and conquering their doubts and fears about self-esteem and confidence. It is their way of bravely finding out whether their current physical appearance is something accepted within their circle and beyond if it goes viral and hit.
Dare to bare.            
Cellulites, skin flabs, stretch marks, baby bumps, saggy skins, muscles and all. Piercings, tattoos, holes and body markings. Those are what you can notice on many of the images posted in various social media. Are people getting more and more daring just for the sake of finding out what’s beauty and ideal? Or was it just a fad of flaunting one’s confidence and ego in competing with those who most people think are beautiful and ideal?

Ideal is a just a state of the mind.
Are people getting more and more overconfident deterring that being ‘ideal is just a state of mind’? Are people making the social media a mirror to see if they still appeal despite their looks, whatever other people might think or say? Is it really just about conquering one’s fear of being tagged as unlikely or likely despite the odds that people might say? Is the act a way of getting sympathy and justice for what one’s body has become?

The Selfie generation.
Ever since ‘Selfie’ hype was introduced in the social media circulation, more and more people are making it a standard of what was ideal and acceptable.  The hype pushes the different social media network to police and impose standards and censorship on what images are acceptable to be posted without going through the boundaries of pornography, self-expression morals and decency. The various social media networks tried hard by warning and closing out accounts of those supposedly violating the rules. But because of the global and worldwide circulation of their pages and the laws and rules governing each region and nation, it’s like going into the slim and narrow eye of a needle on every standard and rules being observed by every region in the world. As such, restriction on image viewing greatly lies on every region’s internet access and digital refinements.

A personal choice.
Whichever state of reason or advocacy you may have in showing off your body over social media networks it is definitely changing everyone’s perception and outlook of what was the standard of idealism in terms of beauty and likeness.  A way to outsmart one’s imperfections and regain your lost esteem and confidence. Perhaps, something alternative to fight bullies and avoid going into artificial ways of physical changing of going under the knife of physical makeover. A way to stand by your own personal choice and uphold what you believe suits and is best for you.

What about you?
Are you brave enough to show what you’ve got and be awesome?
Are you IN or OUT?

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