Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Hope called Tumbles

Tumbles, the 2-legged puppy
[image courtesy from]

Athens, Ohio
Nov. 17, 2015

In Athens County, Ohio shelter house Friends of the Shelter Dogs (FOSD) recently announced that the six-week old terrier beagle mix puppy named Tumbles, the 2-legged puppy under their care was the recipient of a specially designed tiny 3D walking cart wheel. The puppy which was rescued from the cold when he was just barely 2 weeks old was born with no front paws. Unlike other dog puppies, Tumbles move around inch by inch tipping his nose and the rest of his body flipping and rolling most of the time.
The mini wheelchair will be able to make Tumbles practice walking with it and help build muscles for his body and his remaining hind legs.  The tiny 3D designed wheelchair was made especially for him by the Ohio University Innovation Center. Watch this video clip from Kazamiza's Youtube channel as Tumbles tries on his new walking wheel.

Hope springs anew for this cute little bundle of joy and inspiration. Tumbles is currently not up for adoption according to the shelter officers.

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