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Coron: The Most Beautiful Island in the World

Imagine yourself in front of these naturally carved beauty marveling on their structure and wonderful formations.  This picturesque spot is courtesy of the most beautiful island in the world. Rich in marine life sanctuary and listed as one of the best scuba diving sites by Forbes.  Coron Island is just one of the Philippines’ many top tourist destinations. It can be found in the province of Palawan, one of the largest among the archipelago islands of the country.  Coron is just less than 450kms away from the Philippine’s capital city of Manila or just an hour long trip using a local airline and one can see the most beautiful island in the world. The impressive mysterious fortress like rocky formation which was home to its ancient inhabitants called the Tagbanuas who lived during the early times by fishing on the surrounding lakes of the rock island.

The mysterious rocky cliffs.
The enchanting and unique karst rock formations of Coron were originally made from corals reefs formed about 260 million years ago that rifted and shifted through tectonic movements some 30 million years ago from its original position of the main Calamian group of islands.  The islands are part the connecting islands of the Southeast Asian ridge and those of China’s continental crusts to its existing position north of Palawan. Great wave erosion and heavy monsoon rains helped created these towering cathedral-like limestone formation that further move north of the archipelago region. The formation have also risen dramatically by 400 meters above sea level through time. And due to these natural Earth movements, the area was made not only by these gigantic gray limestone but also with numerous coves, lagoons and blue-green lakes.

The Tagbanua people and the mystery tales of the waters.
Palawan specifically the Calamian group of islands to which Coron belongs was a rich source of folklores and ancient mythological superstitions dating back to the early people inhabitants of the Philippines.  The Tagbanuas belong to the ancient tribe people called Taga Banwa literally translated as ‘from the inland area’ which was believed to have come from Borneo and Brunei. The Tagbanua tribe believes that the surrounding lakes of the coral island were sacred burial grounds of their ancestors and visitors are highly restricted unless they have parts to do in the rituals performed by these ancient tribe. According to the myth, the place was inhabited by spirits and ghostly creatures from the dead such as the Bal-bal or the corpse thief and other dark creatures such as the Aswang. Amalanhig and Busaw. Folks are cautioned not to even mention their names so as not to disturb them and attack the living. Myths like these are in present in some hidden scenic spots all over the country to ward off visitors from spoiling these paradise-like places.  But most adventurers find these myths an equal excitement adventure to discover the place. And they have truly found the place one of the most unspoiled and captivatingly amazing.

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Discover beautiful Coron!
Visiting the most beautiful island in the world was not just about enjoying its enchanting rock formation, swimming and diving on its fine beaches and the blue-green waters. Coron is simply but a great escape from the turmoil of urban living and the rewarding feast on discovering the ultimate beauty of nature. Come, start your life’s greatest adventure. Discover Coron, the most beautiful island in the world and experience nature’s paradise at its best!
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