Saturday, September 3, 2016

Ecouture: More than Just a Fashion Statement

Ecouture:  More than Just a Fashion Statement  

Not just a fashion design.

Each moment of our lives we've been almost dependent on everything Mother Nature has been offering.  All our senses greatly depend on it throughout our lives.  What we breathe, eat and clothe ourselves all rely on the bounty of nature.  We co-exist with each other. Without nature’s bounty we will perish and even cease to exist. Thus, going back to the basic and being natural has always been the best way to live and sustain ourselves even on how we clothe our bodies.  

Over the years, fashion brands rally not only by what’s hip and trending on the haute couture. In fact, the concept of going green does not only apply in terms of health and wellness.   Even the fashion industry was now giving more sensible concern on going green and getting sustainable. Nowadays, going back to the basic using earth and environment friendly designs has become an advocacy and the core values of many fashion brands.  

Today, fashion was more than just a hype.  Fashion has become a statement of advocacy and has been a significant social lifestyle of living! It’s the very essence of what the late great Martin Luther King Jr has once said:  “We are not only what we eat, we are what we wear and we are everything we are thanks to the world’s work!”

The Dawning of awareness.

The heights of the human rights activism during the 1960s paved way to the dawning of the so-called eco fashion awareness which since then continually reshaped its path into the fashion world. Its entry into the fashion mainstream highlighted the likes of Esthetica, Bowman & Auria and other sustainable fashion brands responsible in kindling the social awareness on sustainable clothing and revolutionizing the fashion industry. The rise of Eco fashion has proved that ethics can blend along well on fashion designs and make a wearable statement.

Be one with nature.

Eco fashion  is the new green! Sustainable fashion were made with no less than all the goodness of nature. So, next time you see the word ‘made with sustainable materials’ in your  garments  do remember that they were made by people who have the passion for compassion and thoughtfulness not only to nature and environment but humanity as a whole.  You, therefore need to wear them with confidence and allow yourself to feel the bliss and loving warmth of Mother Nature hugging your body.   

Eco fashion  is the new green!

Ecouture is Mother Nature's haute couture statement!

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