Sunday, September 11, 2016

Working 9 to 5 Can Really Be So Bad!

Workin' nine to five 

What a way to make a livin' 

Barely gettin' by 

It's all takin' and no givin' 

They just use your mind 

And they never give you credit 

It's enough to drive you 

Crazy if you let it.

There goes the lyrics of Dolly Parton's Grammy mega hit song from the  80s. Supposedly describing the sentiments of a hard working woman working round the clock earning a living. The same song has been for some time become the national anthem of office workers not only in the US but elsewhere in the world. Business industries worldwide have since then follow the office working hours from 9 in the morning  until 5 PM in the afternoon or basically the regular working hours of 7 to 8 hours each day.

But it seems Dolly has been right all along that working long hours could barely get things doneless productive and can really drive one crazy to death!

Humans are workaholic by nature.

Have you ever wondered why human civilization thrive? It is human nature to produce and do something for ourselves. We were never idle nor stop. Nothing within us are lazy. All our body parts ever since each one of us were born are moving and ticking just like time.


Work 'til you drop. 

Abuse was the root of all evil. Anything in excess is bad. And that include work abuse using our bodies. Doctors all along has been telling us that long working hours can basically worn out our body leading us to develop different ailments and health conditions. In a research study published last October 2015 by the medical journal Lancet conducted on 600,000 working individuals from Australia, united States and Europe reveals that people who work 55 hours or more per week have 33% greater exposure for stroke and 13% greater risk of developing coronary heart disease.

Better days.

Thirteen years ago, Toyota of Guthenburg in Sweden was already running its company based on a six-hour daily work routine and has defied the odds from other companies who has more working hours by making the company more productive and profitable. And the best part of it was that employees of the company are more professional,happy and fulfilled.Other companies in Sweden have followed what the company has done and even other nations in Europe and the Middle East were greatly considering  adopting the scheme.
    Working 9 to 5  for the longest time maybe the best and peak hours where businesses appreciates productivity. But as time ages and changes, the human body depreciates and wears out making it dull and counter work productivity. Our hearts may be willing to work but not our body. Maybe its time we listen to our body and be kind to it for without it, we cannot work.  Without manpower, no business will ever thrive. And everything eventually will cease to exist.

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