Friday, August 11, 2017

The Roaring Passion of Women in Metal Horses

The infatuation begins…
Just like anybody who can be infatuated and obsessed with anything, today’s women are trying to get that feeling how most men have fancied over their big buddies… their big bikes!
Yes, women can also get more close and intimate with having their own metal horse buddies.  And it’s an infatuation and fun factor that most women can never get enough with once their journey together begins.

Debunking the myth.

People don’t exactly understand that a motorbike does not favor a gender.  The perception that only males and men have the prerogative and privilege riding the modern metal horse has been outgrown naturally over the years.   Simply because riding one was a most favorable activity for productivity in getting things done around.  That motorcycle riding does not consider sexuality to get into it. We are in the era where productivity over things was preferable over genders, race and sexuality so long as we all practice safety and caution.  Long gone were those branding lores that bikers were just road scums and dirt catchers.

Freedom on two wheels.
The ecstatic feeling of riding with the wind on your face was simply euphoric as adrenalin rushes and gushes within you. The freedom of riding through the wind was an instant stress relief and a social life changer as the scenes around comes into a kaleidoscope like dimension.  It’s an absolute freedom on two wheels!

Best friend forever.

Once you and your metal horse get to know each other, the camaraderie begins and you will soon find yourself wrapped up with each other like bosom buddies as long as you want.  Like a true friend, the feeling may even be excruciating once you part ways or when the time comes you need to retire it after some time.

Have you ridden your buddy today?

Wanna brag to us the experience and what made your metal horse that unique and beautiful.  Comments and replies are most welcome.  Please feel free to talk about your buddies with us.

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