Friday, January 17, 2014

Russian Daredevils: No Thanks. l'll just use the stairs on my way down!

We see a lot of guts and adrenalin rushing when we watch fast car drivers skid on a hairline edge and we wow on seeing dirt bikes mount and jump off a high altitude in a circus show.  But seeing these Russian kids climb and hang themselves on building structures made me vomit too like those who have earlier watched it.  I want to somehow say, “Ohhhh c’mon they were just kid stuff we also did before when we were young.’  But watching on them do their tricks made some pretty lots of Goosebumps I really cannot comprehend. This is not about ‘fearlessness.  This is plain and simple ‘insanity.'  BEWARE: Not for the weak hearted.  And kids these tricks are done by professionals and extremely dangerous for you!

In their website, they posted a disclaimer that tells:
“you better leave the site if you are under 88 years old, because here you can find materials that will lead to the aesthetic dissatisfaction or even injure your psyche.

Most of the stunts were filmed, produced and directed by Alex Stockley and Von Statzer. See why these are not videos to be watched by individuals below 88 years old:

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