Monday, January 20, 2014

Bong Revilla Clears His Name Over Privilege Speech [VIDEO]

[Bong Revilla as Panday- photo from]

In the light of the billion of pesos Janet Lim Napoles has gotten from the Philippine government. Heads are now getting twisted and maybe rolling off soon.  And one of them comes from an individual fed and honedby Philippine showbiz.  Senator Bong Revilla’s star as the someone who played the great ‘Panday’ role along with the late and original ‘Panday,’ – Fernando Poe, Jr.’ and the epitome of modern day Robin Hood. ‘Nardong Putik’ of his own father’s famous character portrayal.
 In his privilege speech as an elected senator of the land, Sen. Bong Revilla, Jr. has to do better than any of his portrayed role in Philippine cinema.  Although, Filipinos are easily moved while watching movies.  Politics and governance have very thin lines that set them apart.  But people eventually will know what the truth is and what was just on a script.  Since paper trails and documents are very much different from movie scripts and cue cards.  The senator as part of his act presented toy truckloads of documents disproving the allegations. Viewers were amused and was entertained.  But the amusing smiles quickly faded realizing the seriousness of the act is now being played as a mockery of sorts.  Another tricky entertainment perhaps?
He cited that al his signatures were forged on alleged fund disbursements from Department of Budget (DBM) by the whistle blower Benhur Luy. Janet Lim Napoles (JNL)’s’sidekick in the scam. Senator Bong Revilla  denies all allegation of having known people linking him to the scam and that he swear innocence and was never a traitor in behalf of the 20 million people who voted him in the elections. Citing his credibility that there was never a case, not even one regarding anomalous transactions in his term as a public official.  He admitted he was so sadly overwhelmed with the alleged ‘dirty tricks’ going on inside politics than that of his world in showbiz. He lambasted on the government of playing it against him rather than concentrating on the bigger issues such as the thousands of dead bodies that was the result of the devastating typhoon Yolanda.  Senator Bong Revilla Jr. accuses the government and President Aquino on having been deprived of his basic rights and single him out with regards to the scam brought forth by Janet Lim Napoles and her cahoots.  Instead of disproving and citing more about the issue on his alleged involvement in the scam, he further centered his speech on the various government lapses and its failure to address the issues and questioning if Filipinos now have better lives than before?
 The Filipino people is now anxiously waiting for the climax on the case of Senator Bong Revilla. And hope the billions of pesos they’ve paid for was painstakingly worth it more than the cost of the indelible ink that now fades just like the luster of the brightness that transformed the ‘knife to a mighty sword’ of Flavio.  Watch the video footage of Senator Bong Revilla’s privilege speech in the senate as compiled by HERE

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