Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Angel Locsin Reveals She Still Has Feelings for Ex-Boyfriend Luis Manzano

Angel Locsin & Luis Manzano
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Yesterday, Wednesday Jan. 15, 2014 in the segment episode of ‘Ikaw Na!’ of Bandila newscast anchored by veteran entertainment host Boy Abunda, Angel Locsin categorically admitted she still has the feelings for ex-boyfriend Luis Manzano.  The old feeling that spark rekindles and ignite a long lost love.  Angel came to the show to promote his upcoming teleserye ‘Legal Wife’ which is about to start on January 27 primetime slot on ABS CBN Channel 2.
During the interview, host Boy Abunda noted to have noticed Luis Manzano on Angel’s dressing room.  Angel told Boy that Luis just passed by and said ‘hello.’  Boy then asked the big question of, “If Luis decided to pursue her again, will she be ready to accept Luis back into her life again?”
Angel’s initial reaction was that it was already in the past yet explained that she is not being hypocrite not to react to anything and relate that Luis came to their house last New Year’s day and a couple of visit followed afterwards and she thought they would feel aloof with each other but it turns out that the meeting rekindles and sparked an old feeling she had in the past.  Angel noted that both of them had been evading each other for 2 years. And although she had that feeling before of wanting to get even with Luis and hurt him bad but it all goes to nothing and realize she need not hide her feelings and be a hypocrite not to feel anything.  Angel’s revelation of his past feelings for her ex-boyfriend Luis Manzano was positively welcomed by their fans as well as those following her career.  Host Boy Abunda was equally delighted for the revelation and noted as he end his interview with Angel that one of those people who will be delighted with her revelation was Luis’ governor mom and the Star for all Season, Vilma SantosBoy wishes Angel well on her forthcoming drama series.  On her part, Angel is equally happy to note that it was a relief to overcome a feeling she has hidden unknowingly.  Watch the full interview HERE.

’Legal Wife’ is Angel’s comeback to TV teleserye after ‘Imortal’ which she did for ABS CBN Channel 2 last 2008 for which she was nominated for Best Drama Actress by Star Awards for TV.

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