Friday, February 12, 2016

Understanding the Important Role of Physics in Our Lives

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Many people of today seems to not understand how Physics affect our everyday lives. Many have thought that Physics was just a mere academic subject in school. In schools, many students tend to dread or abstain to keenly pay attention on the subject of Physics noting that the subject was so complicated and so tough to study with. Many people particularly students have that notion that only an Einstein-like mind can deal with the subject on Physics.
Many have failed to recognize the basic and the most fundamental essence about Physics and how it affect and how we bumped and encounter it every moment in our lives. Yes! Physics is everywhere and everything in our lives. Many just don’t realize and pay a glimpse of attention on it.   You certainly need not be an Einstein to experience Physics.

Below are some of instances where Physics was very much a part of each:

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  • Did you know that what you have viewed on the television was a result of a combined Physics properties? What you probably know was that it was made of just electronic components assembled by the TV manufacturer.
  • Did you know that the car you’ve ridden a while ago to get to your destination greatly worked with lots of the knowledge on physics from those who designed, assembled and tested it so that you can arrive safe and in order?  Again, you credit the car manufacturers for the automobile.
  • Have you put on your favorite perfume today? Did you know that your aerosol perfume was a masterpiece from Physics? Oh yes it does! And bet you probably didn’t notice it. What maybe mesmerized you was its heavenly scent and captivating aroma.

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  • Have you ever wondered why are there ramps on the roads you’ve just passed by a while ago?  What you probably think was that the ramp was a road block to help motorists slow down. But have you ever wondered that the basic dynamics of Physics have made those engineers who build the roads, ramps and blocks to put it in certain strategic places along or beside the road to keep motorists, passengers and pedestrians safe from colliding and avoid road accidents.

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  • ·Have you heard about the recent breakthrough on the affirmation that gravitational waves truly exists? It was Einstein in his calculations of the General Theory of Relativity who have foretold a century ago and what Aristotle and other great men have also theorized that gravitational waves existed.  And EUREKA! In a recent breakthrough using the sophisticated US electronic facilities called Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) by a group of physicists. What used to be a theory by great minds in the past was a REALITY and that these group of scientists was also able to capture how the waves sound. A brilliant discovery indeed.

The above examples are just a few of the unlimited application of Physics in our everyday lives. We live in a world where we basically live and encounter Physics in almost all we are doing and getting into. The most significant truth is that all creatures including us humans in this  world and that the world we call Earth, our home practically moves because of Physics.  Thus, it is very right to say that:  All of us cannot live and exist in this world without Physics.

Physics therefore is an essential part of our lives that matters much attention to help us do our everyday lives not just for convenience, safety and health. But to live life itself. And mastering Physics was mastering the art of living in this world and definitely beyond. Who knows with the unlimited offers on the Physics knowledge, one could explore and discover that life thrive in other form of dimensions somewhere. Maybe it could be you. Interesting right? And it all start with your knowledge about Physics.  The possibilities are many. It’s all up to you!

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