Sunday, June 12, 2016

Venmo: Let's Have a Date! Yours or Mine?

Venmo was a mini app designed to facilitate online financial transactions between two individuals on the net. Something like PayPal,Skill, Moneybookers, etc but NOT quite. One can find and bump into the Venmo app in most popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Venmo is a very handy app that goes well with people who's  into sharing a lot in their lives. Not only their social media moments and a peek into into their social lives, Venmo seals and act as the pact to people's various activities and endeavors together or collectively in consensus. Things like:  Who's gonna pay the pizza? Who's gonna cash on the gas bill? Who's gonna pay for the room service? These and all are the reasons why Venmo make a blast and a sound idea to get everyone's concern to chip and share and presto! Everyone will have their share and piece of the cake in as easy as ABC.

But much more beyond those messages and captions on the images or the emoticons and emojis that  comes along as particulars to the bill on other dimensions other than just chipping and sharing on the bills, a more revealing journey to the escapades and the mere just hanging out moments goes into something deep and a  little bit extraordinary. Yes, Venmo could pave way for others to discover your awesome life happenings, events and even relationships! But who cares, life is every moment worth cherishing and worth SHARING with. Enjoy life and, spread the love and share it to the world!

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