Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Simple Going Green Lifestyles for Sustainable Living

With all the pollutants and diseases that makes a body sick and malnourished, the need for a renewable ‘element’ to make a body nourish and sustain life to health and live longer and happy. Thus, the quest for the best alternative way to primarily sustain the body was nourishment by way of healthy eating habits and lifestyles. One of the best ways to a healthy living is nourishing the body with going green and natural living habits.  But, many people has proven that going green habits will not only make the body healthy and fit but can also make one’s life financially sustainable .  Read on and find out why going green lifestyles was a very sustainable system of living.

Adopting a vegan lifestyle.  Going green and adopting a vegan way of life was not only healthy but inhibit a positive way of live by eating only green food and sustaining vegetation by practicing  sustainability and steady going back to nature’s bounty. Eating plant based produce like vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts instead of going on a meat, fish, poultry and dairy diet.  Economically, averting meat consumption which was often a luxury not only eases out budgetary measures but likewise  contribute to one’s financial freedom.

Growing your own organic produce. Although not directly conclusive many research studies have attested that organically grown food has more power packed nutrients needed by the body than conventionally grown produce. But due to commercialism, packaging and marketing, organic food produce on the groceries are pricey and rocket high expensive.  But, growing your own produce will not only give you a ready supply of fresh food.  Growing your own organic garden can likewise cut your food expenses hundreds if not thousands to millions of dollars on your budget.  For healthy food not only nourish and make the body healthy  but can somehow dismiss or lessen  health threats from bacteria and chemical exposure on pesticides from conventionally  grown produce once they affect your bodily system.
Back to basic (B2B) lifestyle. Consider living in a nomadic-style habit. The simplicity on the way the so-called rainbow people live was far less inexpensive and financially enriching.  We all know that food, lodging, travel and accommodation expenses are those expenses that claim huge chunks in anybody’s budget.  However, it does not necessarily mean that you live on the streets and do all what homeless and vagabonds do on the road. There was far more fun, self fulfillment and realization that occasional nomandic wandering can do to one’s self.  In this era where housesitting and b2b living Weather you plan for some occasional or getting into the thrills of your outdoor fun adventure living hobby, the simple outdoor life offers not only fun adventures but an alternative in saving from the often expensive and costly city lifestyle.  Backpack outdoor adventure living not only teaches one how to be independently sufficient but offers life self-sufficient alternatives  as it open windows to life’s awesome realities. Travel light, Travel and experience to live like a nomad. Travel with less amenities and pompous habits and discover your full capacity not only as a person but as a person who value  and utilizes what Mother Nature and the world has to offer in the most inexpensive and simplest way.

Consider intentional commune living. In many countries all over the world, intentional living has been a popular choice of community living.  Due to its rigid selection criteria, membership into an intentional or fellowship community may be a bit strict and listing have somewhat be restrictive to consist only a chosen few or provisional basis which sometimes require terms of occupancy and periods of living. A typical intentional community is a self-sustaining enclave and governance where much of the means of living existence were sustained and/or subsidized among its members. Green living, cooperation, sharing, recycling, use of indigenous materials were some of the most common ways and means on how this type of community exist.

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