Thursday, June 12, 2014

Queen Elizabeth II is All for Protection of the Philippines

[Queen Elzabeth II - photo grab from the telegraph]
Queen Elizabeth II expressed her concern over the protection of the Philippines amid conflicting territorial water rights with China.  The 88-year old queen in a speech delivered during a dinner at the Elysee presidential palace in Paris, France with French President Francois Hollande as host expressed her concern over the protection of the Philippines amid conflicting territorial water rights with China. The event graced by the queen commemorates the 70th anniversary of the World War II event on the landings of the Allied Forces in Normandy as the Philippines marked its 116th year of independence.
The Allied forces which have shown its strength during World War II was again reinforcing to protect the Philippines amid impending chaos.  The Allies consists of France, Poland and Great Britain with soon to be joined by the British Commonwealth.  The Allies were the group that initiated the convention of the now United Nations in 1945 for which China was a member.

China’s claim over territorial waters with the Philippines and some other Asian nations who has concern over the west Philippine Sea boundaries.  Recent satellite images captured China building some structures over the disputed waters prompting the Philippines and other claimant nations to express disagreement over China’s advances. Despite the moves by China, the Philippines and other claimant nations remain calm and resort to remedy their issues by filing claims to the UN. But China seems to keep on ignoring the proper channel and keep on its violations prompting the international community to recognize the urgency of protecting the Philippines along with the Allies’ common goal of unification.  The United States which still have naval bases in the Philippines initially affirmed its alliance with the Philippines and assurance as its long-time ally during president Barrack Obama’s visit last April 29.  During World War II when China was attacked by Japan, the United Nations initiated sanctions to Japan as the US turned to support China.  With the territorial water disputes over the West Philippine Seas and the Allied Forces joining the United States in condemning the acts of China over the disputed waters, it is now left to China what will be the next move to resolve the issue amicably. The world now awaits China’s reaction.

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