Monday, June 16, 2014

Schumacher Out of Coma Transferred to Recover in Switzerland

[Grenoble Hospital in France, left Schumacher, middle, Lausanne Hospital in Switzerland, right]

Today, Monday, June 16, 2014 - Family, friends and fans of F1 legend Michael Schumacher rejoices as news of recovery from coma by the famous race car driver spreads. Michael has left the Grenoble Hospital in La Tronche, southeast of France to resume full rehabilitation outside of the public’s prying eyes. Michael’s family, doctors, nurses and staff have extended their appreciation to all the people all over the world who have prayed and wished his well-being since the fatal skiing accident that happened late December of 2013 just a few days before his 45th birthday last January 3, 2014. Michael has been in long induced coma after he was airlifted and rushed to the emergency of Grenoble University Hospital. Michael regained consciousness last April but needed to still be under sedation as per his doctors diagnosis and further observation. Michael will recover and recuperate at the Lausanne University Hospital called the ‘CHUV’ which is nearer his family’s Swiss residence.

Although the statement given by Sabine Kehm, Michael’s manager shortly after the legendary F1 driver had left the Grenoble University Hospital did not give any further details on Michael ’s medical condition. Kehm was quoted saying that Schumacher would ‘continue his long phase of rehabilitation.’  With such statement, some could only speculate the long term side effects of his injury therefore taking longer rehabilitation. But since Michael was an athlete and in top shape, a few good months would probably a good recovery period. Around the world, colleagues, friends and fans have posted well wishes for the fast recovery of the 7-time F1 Champion. Doctors and experts hail the move of Michael’s transfer to a facility near his home as this will speed up the recovery portion with family support as much as possible.  Ever since the accident, Michael’s family kept on constant vigil by his bedside in the hospital.

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