Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sharapova Wins Her 2nd French Open Title

[Maria Sharapova - photo grab from]

Russia's pretty tennis pro, Maria Sharapova beats 22 year-old Romanian Simona Halep. Sharapova's win was passionately won in a three spellbinding set many claimed as Sharapova's art of passionate tennis play that only she can conquer and finish with the winning score of  6-4, 6-7, 6-4.  Towards the end and as the crowd chants Simona's name to accord her for her fighting spirit, her eyes welled up with tears. But it was Sharapova's winning moment and Halep has to accept defeat with grace and honor. Halep was the first to reach the finals since her manager Viginia Rucizi also lost to Chris Evert 34 years ago. Halep settled as the world's Number 4 in the world of Women's Tennis having beaten also by Serena Williams last year. On her side, Sharapova still congratulates Halep and told. "You've had an unbelievable two weeks, Simona.  I’m so emotional right now I don’t know what language to speak, English, French, Russian. But to be able to have the chance to stand on this stage two years is incredible for me.”

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