Friday, June 13, 2014

Lady Gaga Joins Year of the Nipples Bare Hers on Busy NY Streets

[Lady Gaga – photo grab from]

Guess who’s joinin’ the list? Well if you haven’t heard much about Lady Gaga these days.  It is because Ms Poker Face is up to somethin.’ The Poker Face pop singer did some pup strollin’ around the busy street of New York with her new French bulldog Asia. Clad in her see-thru black organza outfit matched with a see thru bra and a heavily ornate silver necklace to draw more emphasize about her bared nipples, Lady Gaga now officially joins the list of the 2014 year of the nipples. Busy New Yorkers took glances with some even have that odd reaction on Lady Gaga’s always daring outfit.  The looks on the faces of those people encountered by Ms Poker Face seemed to be of mixed reactions but more on being entertained with the singer’s new nude fashion sense. 
[Lady Gaga – photo grab from]

Last month, Lady Gaga was also seen by reporters in Winnipeg wearing only a long plaid trouser matched with a sunglass and a pair of high heeled ankle boots struggling to walk around her pup Asia just hours after the Artpop Ball concert. Lady Gaga’s adopted puppy was everywhere in her Instagram account. Asia was with her when she went surfing on the sea just last week. In one photo, Asia was atop a surfboard with Gaga on it too. Lady Gaga adores this new pooch which she adopted last March this year and loves roamin’ around with her.
As netizens feast on Rihanna’s almost naked gown that bared almost everything at the CFDA event last week, it is now Lady Gaga’s turn to bare hers. Did Lady Gaga post too on her Instagram account? Will Mark Zuckerberg also close her account? Who will be the next sensation joining the nipple baring feast? Ask Lady Gaga’s newly adopted pup Asia, she might know the answer since she was with her most of the time and slept with her in her bedroom.

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