Thursday, July 28, 2016

From Russia With Love: The Putin-Trump Affair

[image courtesy of CBSPhilly]
Trump says: "Lets make America great again!"

Or maybe, its really should be: 'Lets make America great with Russia!

There were theories or should I say rumors that a hot nuclear romance is brewing between US presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russia's Vladimir Putin. The affair seems to cover from Trump's New York high rise estates to Vladimir Putin's Moscow aboard a rocket hot machinery.
Although the two have no solid engagement yet with each other, endearing words have somehow been accorded to each other. In one interview, Trump was quoted telling that, he thinks he would get along very well with Putin. Putin on the other hand have expressed by calling Trump “a bright and talented person without any doubt … an outstanding and talented personality.”

For one thing, the affair they can make a common denominator that can really make seal it with a kiss with Trump having a personal linguist translator in the person of his wife Melania who can communicate easily having known 5 international languages: Slovenian, English, French, Serbian and German. Adding Russian will be an easy assignment for her to complete her role as Trump's personal Foreign Relations Secretary.

What do you think, will the Putin-Trump affair make America great with Russia?

Can Hillary's hacked emails reveal more? :eek:

What do you think?

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