Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Supermilk Called Mothers Milk

[photo from catersnews]

Ever since, we were always reminded that:  "Mothers milk is  the best there is. And that there is really no substitute for it.

Yes, its true mothers milk was the prime nourishment of every newborn baby because it was the only milk and nourishment the baby has ever known ever since the baby was a fetus.

So, what else does a mothers milk have to be the considered the best? The colostrum boosted by antibodies and leukocytes contained in mothers milk was the baby's defense against diseases and bacteria  during the first few days after birth. Colostrum was that thick, sticky  yellowish to orange fluid secretion from the breast of a woman during pregnancy and just a few days after delivery of a baby and before the actual lactation process begins. It contains precious fat soluble, with high carbohydrates, protein,  maternal antibodies and other immune activating nutrients. The mammary gland of a woman's breast will stop producing Colostrum the week after the baby's birth.

This is the reason why breastmilk is the Supermilk among any other milk ever known by human.

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