Friday, July 29, 2016

Instagram Hairdresser Grooms London's Homeless

[photo from metrouk2]

Meet Joshua Coombes!

Does his name ring a bell? As if you want to comb and groom your hair?

Well, it might be all coincidence  that his surname sounds like a grooming kit. But sure he was in the grooming career. Along with friends, Matt Spracklen and Dave Burt they have a mission to pursue everytime they hit the streets of London. Josh was a hairdresser with an extraordinary passion for his grooming career. He has this 360 degrees salon where anybody from anywhere can just walk in, be cozy as you wait for your turn to be served by him for a haircut. Josh was 29 years old and his career in hairdressing has brought him so much love from his clients many of whom he just met on the streets of London. Josh and his friends has this advocacy to have a Selfie with people in the streets particularly the homeless on the streets of London.  Their mission was to inspire encourage people to do an act of kindness. They posed their Selfies with their grooming clients under the hashtag #DoSomethingforNothing on Instagram.

When in London and you suddenly realize you need a haircut? Wait awhile, relax and be cozy, your hairdresser might just be around to groom you on the streets of London.

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